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Who are the people behind the CTAN packages? [duplicate]

I am sorry for my naive question but the more I get acquaint with LaTeX packages, the more I wonder who are those people behind the packages. Some of them are very complex, with exhaustive 1000-pages ...
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Abstract doesn't show up when I run the program [duplicate]

I tried to make the abstract on TexWork, but it doesn't show up when I run the program. Although I used \maketitle, \newpage. It does not work. Could you help me point out which part that is not ...
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Where can I follow, occasionally, the overall state of the "TeX ecosphere"?

I was recently surprised by a comment on a question, telling me that what I had thought was where the multilingual mainstream was "going" - namely xelatex and polyglossia - was actually not ...
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What is the LaTeX3 project doing to make LaTeX run faster?

One of my biggest problems with LaTeX is the speed that it takes to process large documents. (I typeset books with LaTeX.) I have approaches, such as breaking the book into chapters and running them ...
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How is LaTeX's online documentation produced?

I like the style of the LaTeX html online documentation on I assume it is written in LaTeX and then somehow transformed into HTML. I would like to produce a documentation in a ...
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Basic use examples of \newluachunkname, \newluabytecode and \newwhatsit (ltluatex)

Reading ltluatex documentation, I see there are several new (La)TeX commands. Among them, I find \newluachunkname, \newluabytecode and \newwhatsit but I cannot think of a simple concrete use example. ...
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LaTeX news issue 24: who to contact [closed]

The February issue of LaTeX news is out, but is not linked to from What to do?
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Is LaTeX open source?

I know that LaTeX is free. But is it open source? Is it possible to obtain the source code for LaTeX? From what I understand TeX is open source. Are the macros that make up LaTeX open source?
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Who/what is behind LaTeX?

I hope this question is on-topic. It is a long story, but more and more these days I run into people who doesn't understand what LaTeX is. In particular people I talk to think that LaTeX is a company ...
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How did LaTeX come about?

I know the story of TeX, but how did LaTeX come about, and come to be the only (as far as I know) system built on top of TeX?
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Why is it called LaTeX? [duplicate]

When a person sees the word LaTeX the first time, they are likely to think of a rubber material whose name is simply typed with a weird choice of uppercase letters. This strange name leads to much ...
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What is the latest progress in the realm of TeX? [closed]

Motivation TeX.SE as well as external resources contain information from as far as 2010 regarding e.g. LuaTeX, XeLaTeX, microtype, and popular dilemmas such as KOMA/memoir or babel/polyglossia, which ...
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High-profile cases of non-compliance with the LaTeX Project Public License?

As I'm getting more and more interested in releasing packages of my own in the future, I just read the LaTeX Project Public License (or LPPL). This document defines, among other things, the rules for ...
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List of agreed transliterations for TeX related logos for ebook publications?

Addison-Wesley is currently looking at providing an ebook version of The LaTeX Companion and while this is fairly simple if one provides it as a PDF document, any reflowable format, such as epub, ...
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How are (La)TeX projects financed?

Not sure if this is appropriate for TEX.SX, but I'll ask anyway. Though not a question on the use or feature of (La)TeX and friends, this question is relevant inasmuch as it is about the financial ...
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how to separate 3 tree latex [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Two diagrams side by side construction set of tree I have three trees in latex, I want to represent 2 like this and the third before both ? \documentclass[openright,a4paper,...
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What have been the most important changes to LaTeX in the last five years? (2005–2010)

I hope I will not be flamed for this question, but I have been out of the loop for the last five years. Therefore my question is: what do you consider the most important changes to LaTeX in the last ...
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What new bits have already been implemented in LaTeX3? Will my current documents (with many packages) still compile with LaTeX3?

I do know that LaTeX3 is a long term project, but I'm interested to find out what's new in LaTeX3 and have there already been any big advancements and backwards incompatible changes.
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