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Questions tagged [led-editor]

LaTeX Editor, called later LEd, is an environment for rapid TeX and LaTeX document development.

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LEd (LaTeX Editor) lagging while typing commands

Hello I am using LEd editor. It is my favorite editor and I would like to keep using it. But for some time it is unusable because it laggs so much when I start typing commands. Whenever I type '\' and ...
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LEdBeta(0.53)Build(6501)Std My problem with it

I have downloaded LEdBeta(0.53)Build(6501)Std and the program didn't need any setup. It work directly. The problem is I get this message when I open it. The DVI file does not exist. Also, I can't open ...
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How to Change Typesetting Engine in LEd (Latex Editor)

How to Change Typesetting Engine in LEd (Latex Editor). I'm trying to build a simple latex document \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Elephant} \begin{document} My Name is ...
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Good LaTeX Markdown editor [closed]

Can you guys give an example for a good Markdown Editor which supports LaTeX? It should be: Be a good WINDOWS desktop offline alternative for "" Has dual pane for edit | view output ...
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Why do I see strange symbols like '?2312?' instead of strings after running LEd? [closed]

Why do I see strange symbols like '?2312?' instead of strings after running LEd like following image?
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View PDF viewing option in LED

I have LED editor of Latex, which I downloaded here I would like to know how can I enable its PDF viewing option. I want to type and then compile and then ...
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0 answers

How do you remove a bookmark from the LEd editor?

I have introduced a bookmark by mistake into the LEd editor but can't seem to remove it. I can of course add a bookmark by using Ctrl+B and reference the location by Ctrl+No., but there seems no ...
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Setup UTF-8 in LEd [duplicate]

How can I save my tex files in UTF-8 encoding with the LEd editor? A friend of mine is trying to use my code, originally written in TeXstudio in Ubuntu, but is having encoding issues in LEd in ...
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2 answers

Shutting down the pc while the program being executed! [closed]

My PC was turned off while I was running my TeX file on the LED (LaTeX editor). Indeed, it turned off before the execution of the file was finished. When I came back to my tex file it was turned into ...
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LaTeX updated tool for Windows 7

Does some know some LaTeX tool for Windows – preferably open-source –, which is more recent than LEd, but which have the auto-complete mechanism? I use LEd for so long, but in Windows 7 I'm facing to ...
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winfonts problem

I'm using Led editor in Windows 7. I want to use Times font but the output pdf fonts are somewhat different. Here are the codes for Times font \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{winfonts} \...
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1 answer

Spellcheck in LEd editor

I'm writing a paper and have some problems with the LEd editor. I need to do a spellcheck (english) and the editor seems to have one built-in. When I click on spellcheck (or press ctrl+f7) it says "...
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