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Questions tagged [lettre]

{lettre} is about the document class of the same name. It is used for letters and faxes in French. If your question is about a letter using a different document class, use the tag {letters} instead.

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How to hide the labels of \email and \telephone

I'm currently writing letters with LaTeX and the corresponding class. I'm writing my contact informations on a different file to use with \institute, and I can't find how to hide the "e-mail:&...
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Lettrine in lettre class make a too large left margin

Explanations When I use a \lettrine command from lettrine package inside the letter environment with lettre class, so, the lettrine occur a big unwanted left margin. MWE \documentclass{lettre} \...
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Lettre Class, how to supress this aweful blank space

I am currently writing a cover letter with the modified lettre package which is a modified version of the original letter, in order to correspond to french standards. Below a MWE : \documentclass[...
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Reduce vertical space between heading and body

I use the lettre package to write letters (in French). This package generates a massive space between the heading and the subject line. See: This space is created to print references of the letter ...
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Lettre class : Enlarge receiver block

I'm writing a letter in LaTeX and, sadly, the institution of my receiver is a bit too long to stay on the same line. I would like to enlarge the receiver "block"/reduce the horizontal space between ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Itemize environment of the enumitem package incompatible with the class{lettre}

This problem arises with the french lettre, but not with the english letter. When using the enumitem package options as leftmargin=2cm in the itemize environment, an error occurs: Something's wrong--...
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2 answers

\encl{} with multiple lines in lettre class

I use lettre class for French letters and, in the \encl{} I need to specify multiples lines. This is my MWE: \documentclass[12pt]{lettre} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \...
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How to add vertical space after the recipient's address in a letter?

I have written a letter. My problem is I don't know how to add a vertical space only between the recipient's address and \conc. If I put vspace*{2cm}, the vertical space is add on the first line of ...
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How to get a4paper with package lettre? [duplicate]

Using this example \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{lettre} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage[frenchb]{babel} \usepackage{lipsum} \begin{document} \begin{letter}{Service des réclamations} \nofax \...
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Error in class lettre with datatool package

I would like automaticaly write 5 letter with \documentclass[10pt]{lettre}. I 've a CSV file with all my recipient information in mail_bd2.csv like : Titre,Apostrophe,Prenom,Nom,Organisme,Rue,Ville ...
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What's the odt file and why its content wasn't updated when using lettre package

I have a letter document that I have written on 23/12/2013. Today I have copied the directory that contains the tex file along all the other files generated after compilation. I have changed the tex ...
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2 answers

Using markdown/restructuredtext to produce a letter

For simple documents, I like to use markdown/restructuredtext and convert it to LaTeX using pandoc (and LaTeX includes). For documents such as articles, leaflets, etc., it's quite easy. However, I ...
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Put the \encl at the bottom of the page (lettre class)

Using the lettre document class, I want to place the enclosures automatically at the bottom of the page, like this : This is the default behavior : This is the code I used to get the first picture (...
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