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Questions tagged [linegoal]

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1 answer

Linegoal in (scr)book

Linegoal calculates the wrong remaining line width when using the book or scrbook document classes. This problem does not happen with article etc. MWE: \documentclass{book} \usepackage{linegoal} \...
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1 answer

Highlighting Text and Making it Go to the Next Line in Itemize, and Removing Space at End of Highlighting, with Soul and Linegoal

I've been trying to split highlighted text into lines and not go over the margin in the itemize environment, but linegoal calculates the wrong margin in itemize. Also, the highlighting always gets to ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Equivalent of \linegoal inside a tcolorbox raster?

Is there an equivalent of \linegoal that would work with tcolorbox raster (I can use some luatex trickery if needed)? In the following MnWE, \the\linegoal does not give correct results. \...
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2 answers

Listing background color is overflowing margins on broken lines

I'm using the code on Listing, zebra effect and broken lines as a base. However, when lines are indented by either spaces or tabs the margins of the listing are not respected and the background color ...
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2 answers

How can I use \linegoal properly inside minipages?

I'm using \linegoal from the linegoal package to determine the remaining space on the current line. While this normally works perfectly, it seems to fail inside minipages. More concretely, it seems ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I use the linegoal package with LuaTeX?

It seems like \linegoal isn't working correctly with LuaTeX: With pdfTeX the output is fine: Is there a way get \linegoal working with lualatex? Or is there an alternative? MWE: % !TeX TS-program =...
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1 answer

\linegoal: its use in the second column of the two column document doesn't work correctly

This is the following-up question to interesting @Bernard answer. For some reason I test his interesting solution, how it works if i repeat the same equation four times: \documentclass[twocolumn]{...
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1 answer

making linegoal pay attention to equation numbering

linegoal is an incredibly useful package. Is there a way to make it take equation numbering into account? Consider the following MWE: \documentclass[leqno]{article} \usepackage{amsmath,tabularx,...
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0 answers

linegoal and book [closed]

lingoal not work correctly with book class For example, an incorrect definition of length on first page: First (you need 2 times recompile): \documentclass[11pt]{book} \usepackage[showframe]{...
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Package linegoal: Undefined control sequence. [\globcount]

I tried to compile some projects which were fine in the past but now give some errors. Sublime Text 3 console says: Errors: E:\Programme\MiKTeX_2_9\tex\latex\linegoal\linegoal.sty:51: Undefined ...
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