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For questions about the lingmacros package for linguistics.

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error| TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [parameter stack size=10000]

When trying to use a specific package (ling-macros) I get this error. Never had it before. It wont compile most of the time. Rarely it compiles,but then my macro (\lam{P}{s,t} in the example) wont ...
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Reset numbering using \enumsentence

I am using \enumsentence and \eenumsentence for numbering examples. I wonder if I want to reset the counter for an example, what commands are necessary? For example, I have an example whose counter is ...
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Count Number of Occurrences as Numerical Input for Other Macro

I am trying to make lingmacros gloss automatically be aware of the number of columns it will need to produce. Basically, for the \shortex command, one of the inputs is the number of columns you want ...
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Centralize macros using \shortex from lingmacros (or using a different package)

I'm trying to centralize the macro that I write using the \shortex from \usepackage{lingmacros}, to get a result similar to this: Unfortunatly, my result is quite different: This is my code: \begin{...
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lingmacros.sty: Add chapter numbers and decrease the space between examples

I am using the lingmacros package for numbered examples. By default it works like this: \enumsentence{This is the first example.} \enumsentence{This is the second example.} (1) This is the first ...
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\verbatim environment compatible with lingmacros \enumsentence

Using the verbatim environment inside an \enumsentence fails. Here is a MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lingmacros} \begin{document} \enumsentence{ \begin{verbatim} foo \end{verbatim} } \...
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\psmatrix baseline

I'm using lingmacros' \enumsentence with a \psmatrix inside. \enumsentence{ \psset{linewidth=.5pt} \begin{psmatrix}[rowsep=.2cm,nodesep=.05cm,colsep=.1cm] &\rnode{gm}{grammatical morphemes}\\ \...
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lingmacros alignment causes compile failure

Without & for alignment, it works perfectly fine. \documentclass[11pt]{article} \usepackage{lingmacros} \begin{document} \enumsentence{\shortex{3} {Taroo$_i$-ga Yo$_j$-o zibun$_{i/*j}$-no ...
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