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revtex + longtblr + turnpage

I write a paper with revtex and would like have a long wide table which spans over multiple pages in landscape mode (as shown on pics below). Is there a way to achieve this? If I put a longtblr table ...
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Tabularray - resize text in rows of longtblr without resizing caption text

I need to insert a 2 columns long table in my document with a large amount of text on each cell of the second column. However, the final result has been a table covering 6 pages of the document. I ...
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tabularray with longtblr, how to change alignment of caption and caption separator

I am a beginner in terms of my knowledge of LaTeX and am attempting to create a longtable that spans two consecutive pages using longtblr within tabularray. By default, the alignment of the table ...
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Issue with including data file in a LaTeX table using the tabularray package

I am facing difficulties in including the contents of an external file into a LaTeX table using the tabularray package. I am using the following LaTeX code: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{...
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Top alignment of SetCell command

Hi there I am trying align the "2403 Y" to the top of the 4 connected rows and not in the middle of the 4 connected rows. \begin{longtblr}[ caption = {Ergebnisse der Gitterschnittprüfung ...
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How to get table notes appear on pages where they are marked, in tables panning over multiple pages?

My table is panning over multiple pages. I placed a marker for a table note on element at intersection of 2nd column, 30th row (assume marker appearing on the second page) and my table note for that ...
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How to solve longtblr error: ! Bad register code (32768)

I encountered the following error when describing a long table using longtblr. ! Bad register code (32768). \__regex_query_set_aux:nN ...__regex_curr_pos_int ...
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Help with keeping long table continuous across pages

I have a long table created using the longtblr environment from the tabularray package, which spans across 10 pages. Additionally, I have a smaller tblr table that needs to be placed at the bottom. ...
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How to resize the font size in a longtblr (tabularray)?

The following longtblr table code and myself have some differences of opinion. For instance, the font size, which I would like to be 10pt, but the output just puts "10pt" above the table and ...
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How can I remove the horizontal lines at the positions indicated below?

How can I remove the horizontal lines at the positions indicated below? It looks weird since the bottom row at the end of the first table and top row at the beginning of the continued table should be ...
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Text out of "longtblr" table borders

Introduction I have a longtblr that works well when the texts inside the table cells are relatively short. Check this MWE out: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[margin=2cm]{geometry} \usepackage[...
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naked tabularray's longtblr? (just the contents)

I was reading through longtblr documentation, going through forums etc, but got somehow lost between themes, templates for various things etc. Could I get a minimal example of writing a "naked&...
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