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using both packages ltxgrid and pdfpages together rotates body text 90 degrees

I need to create a document with frequently changing between one and two columns and a lot of floats ((long)tables) and sometimes including a (multipage) pdf document. When using ltxgrid and pdfpages ...
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multiple pages full-page-width table working with revtex

I am trying to figure out how to make a full page-width table, which continues over multiple pages in two column document. I got it working for the standard article, unfortunately the journal I want ...
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How to use reledmac in twocolumn document (with ltxgrid)

I'm trying to typeset footnotes with the excellent reledmac package in a two-columned document that uses the ltxgrid package from revtex. In the following MWE, it appears that the two packages play ...
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From two columns to one column and vice-versa

My desired output: I tried with packages multicol & ltxgrid to achieve this output, but, facing the below difficulties: Package ltxgrid has some compatibility problems, as per the comments from ...
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lineno option switch not working for 2 column along with ltxgrid

When I tried to use the package lineno alongwith ltxgrid under two-column layout, it causes line number clash in the text part. I tried using option switch (Lineno for 2 column) but still no luck. ...
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draw a Grid line on each and every baseline and every page (throughout the file)

How to get the Grid lines on the every baseline and every page, like the below image, is any packages are available to get the desired output? also suggest How to typeset the text on the grid lines (...
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Semi-balanced column with even baselines

This is my first post. Please be gentle.... Objective: a book-length document that has 300+ sections, ranging from a couple of sentences to many paragraphs, or possibly pages. The section title will ...
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Customizing ltxgrid

Continuing my my fight with ltxgrid, I'd like to know how to customize it; in particular, I'd like to know how to change the horizontal distance between columns.
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How to use ltxgrid to switch between one and two columns

After reading answers to this question, I decided to give ltxgrid a try. A simple experiment showed that using \twocolumngrid and \onecolumngrid do their job; however, the vertical space between one- ...
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