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{lua-visual-debug} is a package that can be used with Lua(La)TeX; from its documentation: "This package aids debugging your TeX and LaTeX document by drawing rectangles around boxes and rules where glue is inserted. Other items are marked as well: kerns, hyphenation points and penalties."

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The lua-visual-debug package documentation

The documentation is kind of lacking. Could anyone explain the meaning of blue solid/dotted lines and red solid lines between words here? How are they different from the dotted versions? Looking ...
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lua-visual-debug package seems to be broken on MacTeX 2016 [closed]

I'm trying to use the package for the first time, and I'm not having any success. Here's my input (hello.tex): \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lua-visual-debug} \begin{document} Hello, World! \...
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Discovering which (La)Tex element is shown by lua-visual-debug (print to stdout)?

I am trying to troubleshoot what happens in the code in Wrong placement (and/or size) of picture / plot with groupplot of table (... and discontinuity)?. So I added \usepackage{lua-visual-debug} to ...
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