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hyperlink does not appear in index when different counter is used

I am trying to create a bibliographical document which contents several entries and an index at the end. I wanted my index to refer entry-numbers instead of page-number, which I could manage to do. ...
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Latex: Want to Use marathi font and English font

I want to use Marathi font and English font in the same template but I don't want to specify Marathi or English in between. means I will write some random text which has Marathi or English both text ...
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How to use Devanagari in Latex-Example-typesetting packages

I want to create a LaTeX file to show how the LaTeX-code works. So I want to show the LaTeX-code as well as the output after running the code. In example of the code I want to use some Devanagari text....
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Sorting order in Marathi

I am creating a document in Marathi, using the package marathi. I want to add a subject index at the end of the document, which I can add by using the imakeidx package. But the sorting order of the ...
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Is it possible to implement Marathi, locally within the document, with pdflatex?

I am trying to translate a text from English to Portuguese and in the acknowledgments of the original text, there is a proper name in Marathi. I am compiling my document in pdflatex and would not like ...
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Mapping Devanagari numerals with LuaLaTeX

I have released a package named marathi which aims for typing Marathi language with great efficiency. This package requires XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. XeLaTeX with package fontspec provides a way to map ...
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Translation commands for package dramatist to put in the marathi.ldf file

I want to use package dramatist to write a play in language Marathi. I am using package polyglossia in XeLaTeX for Marathi. The package dramatist prints some theatrical terms via some commands. E.g., ...
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