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How to create transportation table like this

How to create transportation table like this table?
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Table of displayed formulae

I'm trying to make a table of formulae. I've tried a bunch of different approaches (including \parbox, align, eqnarray, etc.), but none of these satisfy all of the requirements: \hline (or something ...
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What's the use of multiple vertical variants for math operators of a OpenType math font?

The only fonts I know that have more than one "large" version of the math operators are Asana Math and Cambria Math. The other ones just have one glyph for the \textstyle version and other for the \...
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Why does MS Word's algorithm for vertical positioning of super- and subscripts not conform to TeX's ?

Microsoft Office has, since 2007, used a formula layout algorithm based on the algorithm Knuth described in appendix G of the TeXbook. But there's an apparent divergence in the final output from the ...
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