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What are Portable latex facilities?

I am looking for a minimalist Latex installation that can be installed on a USB key. I also want to use this key on my workstation without interfering with my installation (MikTex). What do you know?
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"! LaTeX Error: Environment table undefined." in minimal documentclass [duplicate]

I was about to put together an MWE for testing pgfplotstable when pdflatex gave me the error: ! LaTeX Error: Environment table undefined. See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation. Type ...
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Integrating LuaLaTeX into web project

For a web project I use LuaLaTeX to generate PDFs. I would like to do without a full-blown TeX distribution on the web server. With pdfTeX this is easy: Call pdflatex -recorder <tex_file> and ...
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Fresh install of MacTeX 2020. Fatal error When typesetting minimal ConTeXt file [closed]

I just installed MacTeX on mac. created the code below code in TeXShop: \starttext minimal ConTeXt file \stoptext Selected "ConTeXt (LuaTeX)" from dropdown menu. Clicked on "Typeset&...
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Where can I download minimal example template?

Anyone have the link to download the template? I saw it in a forum, but I don’t remember where. I lost that files. :( Sorry if my grammar is not the best. I’m from Mexico. Some years ago I found a ...
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In what ways can one write a parser in plain TeX or packageless LaTeX?

I want to write my own document class as a literate program with as minimal of a dependency tree as possible as an exercise to test my ability. I've implemented a stable foreach loop by shredding an ...
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Minimal Latex Installation (<40 Mb) for Thesis?

Are there any portable minimal latex distributions that use PDFLATEX for Windows (32 bits or 64 bits)? I know of MikTeX portable for Windows, but about more than 130MBs. It is far from minimal. ...
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What package provides keyval.sty

I am setting up a very minimal and custom texlive environment. So, I started with a minimal install and I am adding packages as I need them. When I try to compile my current document, it reports a ...
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Producing just a tight picture, is there a replacement for \documentclass{minimal}?

I want to produce a picture in PDF format using pdflatex, with nothing else in the page but the picture, so I decided to use the document class minimal \documentclass{minimal} \begin{document} \input{...
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LaTeX minimal + refcheck + equation

The following LaTeX components do not work together in combination: the document class minimal the package refcheck the equation environment Though the article class seems to work OK. Error Message ...
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To eliminate sparse-columns in Logical Tables? [closed]

Pseudocode \begin{verbatim} % verbatim is secondary to this problem; choose whatever suits you best! \begin{minimalSparse}[space=0.5] ------------------------------------------------------------------...
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Distributable Tex application

I'm trying to write a very short .tex file which should read some images and text and create a report in pdf. Writing the tex is definitely not the problem. The report will contain some text, and a ...
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Minimal BST File That Writes Something

For another question here, I am trying to create a minimal BibTeX style that writes something into the output file. I am following the instructions from the manual (page 35), where a minimal example ...
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Error using tikz/pgf with font=\size (and minimal document class)

I'm having an issue with pgfplots/tikz when trying to change the font size for legends/nodes. Any command that contains "font=\size" fails (for example, "font=\small") with the error "Undefined ...
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Need for loading of expl3 code?

Consider the following example: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pst-plot} \usepackage[locale=DE]{siunitx} % Self-brewed macro. \def\andel#1{% \calculate{#1/(\Nord+\MidtVest+\Oestjylland+\Syd+\...
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pdflatex renders files differently from a strings -- example provided

I am running pdftex from command line and the images are getting clipped. When I run the same commands from a saved tex file, no clipping occurs. I have attached the commands and rendered outputs ...
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Can \documentclass{minimal} create documents with nonstandard page sizes?

I need to create a document for a square piece of paper. I've been trying to use \documentclass{minimal}, but it doesn't work. This is my code: \documentclass{minimal} \special{papersize=14in,14in} ...
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Why should the minimal class be avoided?

In a comment to my answer to Drawing a rectangle along the border of a circle, Peter Grill said that he read that the minimal class should not be used for a Minimal Working Example. I wonder why, and ...
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Is there a simple way to know a list of article settings that are different from minimal settings?

I want to know the differences in settings between article and minimal document classes. I don't want to do this task by comparing their source codes manually. Is there a simple way to know a list of ...
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If you know errors occurred in article & minimal, which one will you use for the subsequent attempts in troubleshooting?

Assume that For the first and second investigation you know errors occurred when using article and minimal. Which one will you use for the subsequent investigation, article or minimal?
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What is the advantage of using minimal over article when creating a standalone graphic?

What is the advantage of using minimal document class over article document class when creating a standalone graphic? Bonus question: Before I have time to make a test by myself, is there anybody ...
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