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Minutes package: Change the preformatted texts in the maketitle segment

I want the \moderation{} command to display Chairman instead of Moderation. Is that possible? Document class: scrartcl Previously tried: \renewcommand{\moderation}{Chairman} inside and outside of ...
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LaTeX TOC has a first ghost line - \maketitle the culprit?

I am encountering a problem with the \tableofcontents, it has a blank line with a number 1 in it. I do not want it to be there. When I delete the \maketitle, the ghost line is gone, but I need the \...
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Font letters ebgaramond with the Editor Texifier

How to use ebgaramond \usepackage{ebgaramond} to have bold letters in Editor Texifier. Although the font has bold letters in the package, there aren't in the output. At least the titles I would like ...
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Minutes Package: Display the agenda without serifs

I have written a protocol template using the "Minutes" package. I am already quite satisfied with the display, however, the agenda is output with serifs, so in a different character set. ...
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scrlayer-scrpage modifying more than just header/footer

PS: It was a bug in the minutes package. See below. PPS: The author of KOMA-Script, Markus Kohm, used the opportunity to patch KOMA-Script. Beginning with 3.38.3945 this is no longer an issue. I am ...
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Remove topics list from minutes

I'm using the minutes package to create meeting minutes, but I do not want the list of topics it generates at the beginning. I have looked through the documentation but I don't understand big parts of ...
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Using minutes package, how to change the minutes numbering

To create my minute report, I used following template : that I heavily commented because my needs are very basic, but this template is still ...
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