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{nag} is a package that provides routines to warn the user about the use of commands, classes and packages that are outdated and superseded.

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nag: "Warning: Unmatched ``\flushright'' command"

I'm getting "nag Warning: Unmatched ``\flushright'' command" from nag: \RequirePackage[orthodox]{nag} \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \flushright some text \end{document} It does ...
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nag package complaining about the label of a chapter after {table}[H]

Consider the following MWE: \RequirePackage[l2tabu, orthodox]{nag} \documentclass[oneside, a4paper, 10pt]{book} \usepackage{float} \begin{document} \begin{table}[H] \end{table} \chapter{Chapter}\...
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.Nag complains about footnotesize environment. Why?

I use in my document: \begin{footnotesize} .. \end{footnotesize} This indeed give me footnote sized text, however nag is complaining: Package nag Warning: There is no environment ``footnotesize''. ...
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xelatex and nag problem

Somet time ago xelatex stopped to compile my document. LaTeX Warning: You have requested package xpatch, but the package provides xparse. Package: xparse 2016/03/28 v6468 L3 Experimental ...
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babel, beamer and nag conflict

With the MWE below, I experience some problem. As shown, the MWE compiles fine. If I change from book to beamer, I receive the "TeX capacity exceeded" error. If I comment out either nag or babel, it ...
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center environment nag-warning for floats in beamer

The nag packages gives a warning when using floats in beamer presentations. When removing the figure or table environment, no warnings are given. How to proceed from here? Tried \begin{center}...\end{...
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Why highlighting math with soul doesn't combine with l2tabu option for the nag package?

I have found that highlighting mathematical formulas with soul package does not work if the nag package is used with l2tabu option. A minimal (not) working example is: \documentclass{book} \...
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nag [l2tabu] and \phantomsubcaption

The nag package used with the l2tabu option complains when \label is used in a float without following a \caption. Unfortunately, it does not understand that a \phantomsubcaption, from the subcaption ...
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Is nag.sty authoritative for LaTeX?

I just (re?)discovered nag.sty. is this a (TUG-endorsed?) authoritative tool to get all of us away from non-recommended use of latex, or just the work of the author? given that latex never seems to ...
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\endcsname error with nag and newest babel/greek update

Did I miss something with babel and polutonikogreek? I just updated my TeX distribution on my mac through TeX Live Utility, and now I get the error: ./document.tex:5: Missing \endcsname inserted. &...
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Why the placement of \title makes a difference when using amsart with nag?

% !TeX program = pdfLaTeX \RequirePackage[l2tabu,orthodox]{nag} \documentclass{amsart} \begin{document} \title{The $n$-th term} \maketitle \end{document} If the \title command is placed after \begin{...
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How to use nag?

I've just added \RequirePackage[l2tabu, orthodox]{nag} to a big document (200+ pages, 100+ images) about computer science. My .log-file was 3119 lines long before, now it is 4349 lines long. How can ...
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Is there a nag package for TikZ?

It turns out that I've been using several deprecated commands, such as \tikzstyle and right of. Is there any way to have TikZ or pdfLaTeX warn in those cases, such as nag does?
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can't find issues identified by nag

I am somewhat new to LaTeX, but am currently working on a project (trying to use pdflatex for automated .pdf report rendering). I just learned about \RequirePackage[l2tabu, orthodox]{nag} today, ...
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Use of \GetIdInfoAuxI doesn't match its definition and other errors

I have several errors reported with this minimal example (latest TeX Live 2012). The errors were introduced with recent TeX Live updates. \RequirePackage[l2tabu, orthodox]{nag} \documentclass{...
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center and \centering both add space above; \centerline does not

The nag package suggests I use the center environment in LaTeX, rather than the TeX \centerline command. When I do that, however, I find that the former inserts a blank line above the line (in my ...
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Do I need onlyamsmath when using nag?

I already read questions about recommended packages, and they often have the advice for \RequirePackage[l2tabu, orthodox]{nag} and \usepackage[all, warning]{onlyamsmath} I use nag for quite some ...
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nag complains about \centerline in environment "shaded" from package framed

Running this with Miktex, pdflatex, Windows, TeXnicCenter, everything fully up to date: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[l2tabu]{nag} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage{framed} \definecolor{...
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Conflict between nag and babel spanish

The following code gives me loads of Font csname csname T1/cmtt/m/sc/10endcsname not found errors. \RequirePackage[l2tabu,orthodox]{nag} \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \...
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nag l2tabu caption/label checking versus \subcaptionbox

The nag package used with the l2tabu option complains when \label is used in a float without following a \caption. Unfortunately, it does not understand that the first argument of \subcaptionbox from ...
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