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How to have figures only on left pages and text only the right ones? [duplicate]

EDIT: This post was associated with this one I kind of understood Mr Carlisle's solution, tested it and it seems to work in my case. However, I can't figure out how to properly insert my own graphics ...
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How to cite organizations properly?

while there have been similar questions, mine have not been answered yet. I am using \usepackage[backend=biber, style=apa]{biblatex} to cite my sources. My paper cites a lot of organizations, UN Women,...
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Generic alternative to \section, \subsection, etc [duplicate]

I often find myself changing the structure of my document, and having to change all sections to subsections (or vice versa), etc. Is there a way to use something like nested brackets or indentation ...
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Split a document into several files: Missing \begin{document}

I'm wanting to split a document into several files as follows and as shows the attached picture: main file main.tex is in principal folder. In each chapter file I input 2 files namely header.tex and ...
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Add a tagging system to LaTeX files when compiling several at a time

Is there a way to add a tag to a LaTeX document? Something that allows one to omit it from mass compilation? Say I have three .tex files, formulas, math-notes, and artwork. Would there be a way to tag ...
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How to split page into rectangles?

I am trying to make some notes for my math class, and I would like to organize them in the following way: I first want to split the page with a vertical line, and have definitions on the left, ...
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ConTeXt: Override global project value within a product

Background Looking to understand the definitive relationship between projects, products, environments, and components. Minimum Working Example Here's the directory structure showing the problem: ...
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organisation chart with latex [closed]

Third Level Organizational Chart using Latex Tikz adding branches directly under the Controller to set up his secretariat and certain resposibilities directly under him--how do i do it??
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what .bib files do for bibtex, is there something for \href?

I wasn't even sure how to formulate this question, nor the appropriate tags, so there may be some editing or even deletion if this is a stupid question... But I think it is a feature that people would ...
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Checkbox enabled by mouse [duplicate]

I have a list of tasks to accomplish and all are listed in a working sequence. I wish there were empty checkboxes to remember that no task was performed. Suppose I perform 3 tasks from a list of 5 ...
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Assemble Overview tikz Tree from Smaller Trees

I'm keep a large org chart in TikZ, and I like being able to render it in total, but it's cumbersome to handle when one only wants to see a single team (branch of tree). Does anybody know how I can ...
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Organizing Title Page [duplicate]

Good Morning everyone. I am working on the title page of my thesis and since I am totally new in Latex I'm having some problem that I guess I am not able to fix. From this code my purpose is to have ...
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How to organize parts of a document in different manners

I am not fully certain how to word my question, so I may also have missed already existing answers about it and I am pretty unsure about my tagging. So I have two different ideas that I think may be ...
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Easiest way to reorganize complex .tex document that inputs / includes multiple tex files

Issue description I have a big document that includes a few .tex files that includes (or rather \input) another set of .tex files stored in different folders. I will need to re-organize structure of ...
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How can I organize the bibliography in order of appearance? [duplicate]

I heard there's a command to organize the bibliography in the order of citation in the text. I looked up in Kopka, but found nothing. How can I do that? PS. I'm using \begin{thebibliography} + \...
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Possibility to build this in TEX? [closed]

im writing my thesis and have a question. Is it possible to build this in tex what i posted in the picture? Im new in to tex... Dont be so harsh with me. Greets!
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How to compile input files separately from the main file [duplicate]

I have a main document with lots of tikz pictures, which happens to be added from different directories within the main directory by using the 'input' and 'figure' commands. There are also some other ...
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creating a paper organization tree

I was wondering how am I gonna be able to create a paper organization like the image attached with latex (ACM small-article). Can I use the classic algorithm pseudo packages, or there is specific ...
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Find files that are not included by any other files

In a larger latex project am using \include to include the chapter files and within those \input for sections and subsections. I just discovered that due to some rearranging some of the \input ...
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How can I improve navigation within TeXstudio?

Inside my document I have my chapters and sections declared like this: \chapter{User Application - General} The sections in this chapter are not specific to either \puser{}s and \suser{} and ...
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One source, multiple outputs

I built a CV using the kjh-vita LaTeX template (based on memoir and the template's custom stylings). I use(d) extensively end-notes via the enotez package. Then, I derive(d) a short version without ...
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Should I compile *to* Latex?

I have been using Latex (with TexStudio) for some time to keep a research notebook and made some observations: After the overall style of a document has more or less settled, one wants to worry about ...
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Organiser Refills/Inlays using LaTeX

Every year I need to refill my beloved organiser. But the refills on simple A5 paper are sold for incredible prices around $20. Is there a way to create organiser inlays using LaTeX (e.g. one week ...
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How to create multiple presentations from one source

I have a huge LaTeX Beamer presentation consisting of multiple parts included as single source files. Now I'll have to create another presentation which is very similar to the first one, it will ...
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Organizing floats in a multi-file project

I find it convenient to manage my papers on a one-section-one-file basis. However, I also find it convenient to have my figures defined in the corresponding section. Unfortunately, these two ...
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Offline organisation of exercises written in LaTeX

There is a very nice online service called texercises where you can collect, tag and search exercise problems written with LaTeX and then combine them easily to a custom exercise sheet. Since I often ...
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How to manage bibliography files with a VCS while they're used by an external program?

I use Mendeley to organise citations. It exports a .bib file automatically to a folder on my Mac. I also have another .bib file that I use for other citations not stored in Mendeley (websites mostly)....
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How to organise code [duplicate]

At the moment I write macros without breaking them up, like so: \NewDocumentCommand{\HC}{ o }{\IfNoValueTF{#1} {\emph{HC}\xspace}{\emph{HC}, p.#1\xspace}} This obviously gets pretty hard to follow ...
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