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Easiest way to reorganize complex .tex document that inputs / includes multiple tex files

Issue description I have a big document that includes a few .tex files that includes (or rather \input) another set of .tex files stored in different folders. I will need to re-organize structure of ...
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creating a paper organization tree

I was wondering how am I gonna be able to create a paper organization like the image attached with latex (ACM small-article). Can I use the classic algorithm pseudo packages, or there is specific ...
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How to create multiple presentations from one source

I have a huge LaTeX Beamer presentation consisting of multiple parts included as single source files. Now I'll have to create another presentation which is very similar to the first one, it will ...
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Split a document into several files: Missing \begin{document}

I'm wanting to split a document into several files as follows and as shows the attached picture: main file main.tex is in principal folder. In each chapter file I input 2 files namely header.tex and ...
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Add a tagging system to LaTeX files when compiling several at a time

Is there a way to add a tag to a LaTeX document? Something that allows one to omit it from mass compilation? Say I have three .tex files, formulas, math-notes, and artwork. Would there be a way to tag ...