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Questions tagged [ornamental-fonts]

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0 answers

Ornamental separator of paragraphs

Sorry if this is a simple question but I need your help. What is the best way to typeset a separator (3 asterisks) among paragraphs? Please see my MWE. How can I specify to precisely center it ...
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Ornate capital letters

I was reading some Algebra notes and the letters that the author uses to start each chapter caught my attention. Does anyone know what package is needed to use those letters?
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2 answers

How can I change the color of an adforn ornament?

How can I change the color of an adforn ornament ? \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{adforn} \begin{document} \adforn{21} \end{document}
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how to draw special vintage borders ornaments

Hello I would like to do something similar to this image : My goal is to get the four ornaments in the corner like on the picture, and ornaments on the border joining them. I made the ornaments in ...
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Why pgfornament is not working here?

I use overleaf to write latex documents. I want to add ornaments to my latex documents. So, I was reading this article,
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Making an Aubrey/Maturin style knotted rope ornament in LaTeX?

I am looking to replicate the decorative knotted rope seen below in the title pages of the Aubrey/Maturin series (pictured below) . There are many examples of mathematical knots on TeX.SE but I can't ...
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Is there this ornament in latex? [duplicate]

I am trying to find latex ornaments similar to these. I checked out pgfornaments and The comprehensive latex symbol list, but could not find anything that looked close enough. Is there something ...
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Typeset dedication page of thesis as if scribed on a Thaliyola by a Narayam [closed]

I would like to dedicate my PhD thesis for the dear ones who unconditionally supported to see me through to the other side. I intend to do the honours through the ancient keralite tradition of ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Using Minion Pro's Ornaments in pdflatex

I am having some trouble with getting Minion Pro's ornaments (with pifont) to work in pdflatex. When I compile the PDF all I see is a box with an "X" in it. Although I have taken a look at at several ...
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memoir decorative rules in heading

I borrowed some code from showcase-of-beautiful-typography and try to do same decoration using memoir class without fancyhdr Here is MWE: \documentclass[twoside,12pt,english]{memoir} ...
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How to use the ornamental fonts locally? shall we have a possible list for the future use? [duplicate]

we come across the ornamental fonts, in most of the cases, especially in designing the title pages and chapter titles, parts, sections etc., How to identify the fontfamily name(or how to use the ...
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