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incompatibility of pdftex graphics driver, expl3 and xparse in TL2022 [closed]

I am running into a strange compilation error. Consider the following MWE: % file test.tex \documentclass{article} %\usepackage{mdframed} %\usepackage{color} \makeatletter \input{pdftex.def} \...
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How can I write a LaTeX interpreter for Roblox?

I want to render LaTeX inside Roblox, a 3D game engine, to create educational math games. There are 3 problems with this plan: You can only run Lua code in Roblox, so natively compiling LaTeX is not ...
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Literal postscript color using \special move lines in picture environment

When colouring lines in a picture environment with a spot colour, the lines moves with respect to the original picture. To change the rgb colours, to cymk black or the desired pantone, I introduce are ...
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All possible (La)TeX implementations and drivers to create PDF

I want to create PDF from a LaTeX .tex file. I know about these drivers: latex; dvips; convert the .ps to .pdf (e.g. with ps2pdf14 using Ghostscript) latex; dvipdfmx latex; dvisvgm; convert the .svg ...
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Package epstopdf Warning: Drivers other than pdftex.def are not supported

I have this error when I try to do a 4x4 subplot. I have done many such subplots and I never had an error. It works fine for the subplot before this but the one I am doing now produces this error. ...
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White marks around leaders in PDF

Why are there white bars between the leaders and each of the rules in this code when compiled with LuaTeX to a PDF file? When compiled (with LuaTeX) to a DVI file no white bars can be seen. a \vrule ...
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Problem with the driver option [closed]

After successfully typesetting my file Book3_new many times, with a fairly extensive bibliography, I have started to add an index, using \usepackage{makeidx} and \makeindex. This worked well for a ...
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Does dvips's "ps:" special alter the standard PostScript (bp) units?

Working on developing some clipping code based on the approach taken by pgf, I've stumbled across some odd effects with the \special{ps: construct of dvips. A couple of examples will show this. The ...
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ASCII Output Rendering (man-page style)

Is there a way to make LaTeX emit "man-page-like" ASCII output? Including nice line-wrapping, indentation and headline-formatting.
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Using 'Letter' paper with pdflatex

Apparently, the LaTeX distribution and its associated classes and drivers, as well as files in one's Linux distribution can all affect the page size that is ultimately used for the output of dvipdf, ...
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How to clip a TeX box using low-level PS commands?

I like to clip an arbitrary TeX box (\hbox) but without using larger graphic related packages like PGF/TikZ or PSTricks. This is intended to be used in packages which should not force the user to also ...
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