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What is valid as a BibLaTeX entry key?

What characters are valid in a biblatex entry key? I'm asking because Zotero will export entry keys with <i>foo</i> in them, and pandoc-citeproc doesn't like that. But I don't know ...
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Pandoc with --citeproc ignores \cite commands

In short: is there any way to use citeproc with "pure" LaTeX bibliographical commands? Longer version: in the following markdown file, the [@Test] "native" pandoc command is ...
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pandoc, markdown: create self-contained .bib file from cited references

In Latex there are a variety of tools that can be used to create a self-contained .bib file for the cited references that are extracted from several larger .bib files; see this popular tex....
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Pandoc not handling in-text citation with certain CSL file correctly

I was asked in this question to open a new question with a MWE for a CSL file, which is not handled correctly by Pandoc Citeproc or Pandoc. First of all the call to Pandoc I use: pandoc \ --read=...
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