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How to Force a [Para]Footmisc Footnote to Start on the Next Line

I am using the footmisc package. Consider the code \documentclass[12pt]{book} \usepackage[para]{footmisc} %\usepackage{setspace} \begin{document} \thispagestyle{empty} This is a sentence.\footnote{...
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Plain and para footnotes appearing at the bottom of each page in their natural order

Currently, with a package like 'manyfoot', I can have different levels of footnotes where each level is grouped together but this is not the result I need. Suppose that \footnoteA produces plain ...
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1 answer

Perpage + Para won't Stabilize

I'm new to Latex (using xelatex) and I am trying to lay out a document with lots of short footnotes. I'm using para and perpage. I've tried para with both bigfoot and footmisc. I've tried perpage ...
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How can I have two structures for footnote in two separated lines?

I want this first structure with \footnote command to be with para option footnote. And for the second structure with \footnotetext command, I want it to be in the next line and also to be with para ...
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behaviour of \paragraphfootnotes in memoir.cls

The switch \paragraphfootnotes in memoir has one odd, at least unusual feature: whenever a footnote starts a new line, it is indented. The idea of the para-feature is to have one paragraph with all ...
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2 votes
1 answer

unwanted para tag `<p>` is coming at the end of the section in tex4ht

I am trying to change the \Configure{section} for the customized tag <div> and <title> I am using the below tex coding \documentclass{book} \usepackage{amsmath} %\usepackage{macros} \...
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How to put the <p>...</p> tag very first para in the environment like theorem

I am trying to create a one environment in tex4ht, in the html file <p>... </p> tag is missing in the very first para of the environment I am using the below tex coding \documentclass{...
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