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Is there a specialized Pdf viewer for Latex-Beamer presentations on Linux?

Most of the time when presenting a talk people connect their laptop to a video projector. So they effectively have an extra screen at their disposal. Because of that many Software options for ...
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6 answers

Creating fillable PDFs

I'd like to create a LaTeX document that when rendered into PDF, has forms that can be filled out using Adobe Reader or other such programs. Then I'd like to be able to extract the data. I ...
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How to make the PDFs produced by pdfLaTeX smaller?

I feel that the PDFs produced by pdflatex are too huge. So for example my 50 page book with no illustrations is 500KB. I feel it should be more like 50K or even less. The .tex files together are just ...
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182 votes
3 answers

Making equations copyable in pdf

I would like to write a .pdf, where my readers could copy the rendered formulae and paste them directly in their TeX documents. And the copied text would automatically be: \int x\sin ax\;\mathrm{d}x ...
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6 answers

How can I generate PDF metadata from LaTeX?

I am writing a document using LaTeX and generating PDF. Can anybody tell me how I can generate the PDF metadata, e.g. author or title, from LaTeX? On Windows XP, I am using MikTex's texify to ...
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How to convert PDF to (La)TeX?

I know that hardly any information is passed to the PDF when a .tex file is compiled. But is there a tool that can convert a PDF document back to (La)TeX?
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156 votes
13 answers

Multiple PDFs with page group included in a single page warning

I updated TeX Live to the Ubuntu Quantal version (2012.20120611-4) and I suddenly got this warning: PDF inclusion: multiple pdfs with page group included in a single page This is a minimal example ...
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155 votes
9 answers

Can one TeX file output to multiple PDF files?

I'd like to be able to create a TeX file that will output multiple PDF files with one compilation. I'm not even sure if this is possible. Here is the setup: I am writing dozens of cover letters for ...
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5 answers

Insert PDF file in LaTeX document

I have a problem when I insert a PDF file in LaTeX: \usepackage[final]{pdfpages} \includepdf[pages=-]{file.pdf} The problem is that the PDF page is not centered: I've tried to place tags center, ...
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2 answers

pdflatex, \includegraphics, and multi-page PDF files

I have a PDF file with multiple figures; each figure is a separate page in the PDF file. I am using pdflatex, and I would like to use \includegraphics or equivalent to include some of the figures. ...
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133 votes
2 answers

PDF colour model and LaTeX

(Strictly speaking, this is a question about XeLaTeX and the xcolor package but I’m assuming that the issue is actually with the color model of PDF.) I’m having the problem that colours in my PDF don’...
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124 votes
4 answers

Showing the bibliographic entry in a popup when you hover over the citation key

I thought it would be useful to have bibliographic entries displayed as a tooltip so readers are not interrupted by following hyperlinks or trying to find the Bibliography, so I created the following ...
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123 votes
5 answers

Is there some way to embed LaTeX source code in a PDF file?

Several times now I have inadvertently lost the .tex file that generated a PDF file with pdflatex. Given what I know of the internal structure of PDF files, it should be possible to embed a text file ...
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11 answers

How to convert PDF to EPS?

I can't find a tool to convert PDF to EPS, neither in MikTeX nor in TeXLive. Is there such a tool actually? Update: Based on Herbert's accepted answer, I simplify his batch as follows: #!/bin/sh # $...
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105 votes
3 answers

Merge two PDF files output by LaTeX?

I would like to (re)submit a paper with a short cover letter, explaining the changes I have made. However, the journal only allows me to upload one file. As the main article will use the journal ...
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102 votes
2 answers

Revisiting producing structured PDFs from LaTeX

I am trying to produce a structured or 'tagged' PDF from pdftex (Tex Live 2013) that passes automated tests in Adobe Acrobat for tagging. These tests are the de facto indicator for a document ...
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101 votes
7 answers

How to create small PDF files for the Internet

I feel that PDF documents when intended to be uploaded on the Internet should be of minimal final size in bytes. Many strategies exist to create such small documents: Pay attention to the size of the ...
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101 votes
6 answers

Is there any reason to compile to DVI rather than PDF these days?

I appreciate that in the past, latex was faster than pdflatex, but computer speeds being what they are nowadays, I can't see any difference in how quickly documents compile... So, given that the end ...
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10 answers

How to annotate PDF files generated by pdflatex?

I want to annotate some PDF files (created with pdflatex), e.g. word x is missing here this part of a sentence should be moved to the front replace word x by y highlight this sentence insert a note ...
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92 votes
8 answers

LaTeX options for kindle?

I was wondering if there are any good settings to produce a PDF suitable for reading on a (6 inch) kindle. Main use is for intermediate reading of academic papers while they are being written: Text ...
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91 votes
10 answers

Add page and line numbers to a pdf

Is there any quick script to add page and line numbers to each page of a pdf document? I often enough get articles in pdf to review, with no page number. I end up writing them by hand to refer to ...
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89 votes
5 answers

Detecting all pages which contain color

In an larger LaTeX document there are often only some pages with color content (mainly figures) and the remaining ones are only black and white. Because printing costs for color pages are much higher ...
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87 votes
12 answers

Is it possible to produce a PDF with un-copyable text?

Is it possible to produce a PDF with un-copyable text? I mean, when you want to copy text from the PDF, you can't copy it or what you copy is nonsense characters.
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82 votes
3 answers

pdfTeX warning: "version allowed"

After including some figures (saved as .pdfs) in my LaTeX document with \includegraphics, I got the following warning: pdfTeX warning: pdflatex.exe (file ./figure/figure_1.pdf): PDF inclusion: ...
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80 votes
6 answers

Which figure type to use: pdf or eps?

Both are vector graphics (typically) and both can be imported painlessly into a pdflatex document (so let's say we ignore dvi for this question). What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? ...
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9 answers

How to create individual chapter PDFs from included TeXs?

My document structure has one file with preamble (i.e. MainTex) and around 75 individual .tex files (i.e. Chapter_01, Chapter_02, ..., Chapter_75) representing each chapter. I am using \include ...
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76 votes
2 answers

Why is 1.5 the default pdf version?

At least TexLive creates PDFs by default in version 1.5. Why this particular version? This question has been asked before in a comment and didn't receive the attention it deserves. (duh!) This site ...
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3 answers

How to add a page number to the included PDF pages?

I'm creating a documentation with some included pdf files (mostly diagrams or tables) in the following way. \includepdf[pages=1-10, angle=90]{requirements/Requirements.pdf} The command "includepdf" ...
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10 answers

Preparing PDF files for ebook readers, etc.

People are nowadays increasingly often reading papers on screen, using ebook readers, tablet PCs, laptops, etc. A typical PDF file generated with Latex is far from ideal for such use; in particular, ...
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72 votes
2 answers

Includegraphics: set image opacity

I'd like to insert a PDF, but make it "lighter" by setting the opacity to 10% ("background watermark"). How to do that? A solution that works with texlive 2011 would be great. I use pdflatex and ...
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68 votes
5 answers

Quickly extracting individual pages from a document

Let's say I have created a 100-page book with the book document class. What is the quickest way to extract, say, pages 3, 67-70, and 80 from the book into six separate PDF files? Is there any ...
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68 votes
3 answers

How to include existing PDF slides into my Beamer presentation?

Is there a way to incorporate some slides into an existing slide into my Beamer presentation? Say, I want to put slide 2 in file A (a Beamer PDF file) into my Beamer presentation, can this be done? ...
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3 answers

Is the filename of an image preserved in the final PDF?

Yes or no questions are pretty rare here now that I think of it. My question is simply this: When producing a PDF file with pdflatex or lualatex, is the original filename of an \includegraphics ...
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67 votes
4 answers

Can \includegraphics be used to change an image color?

I'm including a number of PDF images in my document using \includegraphics. I'm wondering if there's a way for LaTeX to adjust their color profile, hopefully the same way it can flip images upside ...
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6 answers

How to preserve hyperlinks in included PDF?

I have generated PDFs with figures that have hyperlinks (hyperref to websites, \href) in them. When I compile these figures standalone the hyperlinks work. But when I try to include these PDFs (as ...
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66 votes
13 answers

How can I superimpose LaTeX / TeX output over a PDF file?

I have a form as a PDF file. I would like to use LaTeX/TeX to overlay my text over the form, and send the output to either a print or another PDF file. Is this possible? How would I go about it?
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9 answers

Comparing the output of two PDFs

Sometimes I want to compare the results of two different settings to see which gives better results (e.g. during the final fine tuning before handing in a document). Such settings can result in small ...
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64 votes
6 answers

TeXnicCenter & Adobe Reader DC

How to configure TeXnicCenter to work with Adobe Reader DC? When I building and view current file .tex the following error "Can not execute the command" shows up and the PDF is not generated. If ...
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64 votes
6 answers

How to generate PDF/A and PDF/X?

I have heard about PDF subsets PDF/A (for archival) and PDF/X (for printing). How to generate LaTeX documents like that? I'm also interested in answers with plain TeX and ConTeXt, and hopefully with ...
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62 votes
6 answers

Animations in LaTeX

I am a new user of LaTeX and this site. I have seen that many answers in this site have animations. However I am not able to produce any of these animations. For example, I asked How to reduce size of ...
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9 answers

Is anybody using TeX for business reporting?

Would TeX (LaTeX, ConTeXt, etc) be a good solution for PDF business reports that require dynamically generated graphs and tables? I need to create financial reports that must look top-notch in their ...
59 votes
3 answers

Reproducible LaTeX builds - compile to a file which always hashes to the same value

I am interested in using LaTeX in a way such that when I compile twice, I get the very same resulting file. My test.tex: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} Hello, World! \end{document} ...
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59 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to provide alternative text to use when copying text from the PDF?

I’m using XeLaTeX within MiKTeX and have the following problem. Let there be some acronym, e.g. USA. I would like to write it in real small caps using \textsc{usa} but these are, of course, lower-...
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58 votes
4 answers

Why can't "fi" be separated when being copied from a compiled pdf?

I notice that in a pdf file compiled from Latex, "fi" such as in "field" cannot be separated as "f" and "i" when copying text out of the pdf file. I wonder why and if this can be changed? Thanks and ...
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57 votes
3 answers

pdftex reduce PDF size: reduce image quality? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to make the PDFs produced by pdflatex smaller? I wrote my thesis in LaTeX and so far I always compiled with pdflatex. The thesis is 150 pages with many pictures and graphs....
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57 votes
1 answer

making low-quality PDF files clearer

Some research papers available on the web have low-quality outputs. For example, see this. It seems that it was converted from a PS file and typeset in (La)TeX. However, it has all the font ...
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9 answers

How to setup synctex with vim, pdflatex and an open-source PDF-viewer under Linux?

Inspired by the comments to this answer I am curious how to actually setup and use forward/reverse (inverse) search with vim, pdflatex and an open-source PDF-viewer under Linux. Btw, to give more ...
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54 votes
4 answers

Automatically increase PDF page height

I'd like to emulate HTML's infinite page height using LaTeX/XeTeX, i.e. have the PDF pages grow higher until a manual \newpage is issued. This could be emulated by setting a very large page height ...
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53 votes
7 answers

LaTeX - how do I force PDF page height/width?

I am attempting to finish my LaTeX project, and I can't seem to get the PDF to compile to the right size no matter what I do. In my .cls file I have this set: \paperheight 11in \paperwidth 8.5in ...
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4 answers

URL with tilde character?

I'm trying to make a URL with a tilde character (~) in it: \usepackage{url} ... \url{} It looks right in the resulting PDF, but when clicking on it the browser goes ...
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