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{pgfplots} is a package for creating 2D and 3D plots of mathematical functions and numerical data, using the PGF graphics framework. For questions about the inbuilt plotting functionality of TikZ/PGF, use {tikz-pgf} instead.

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4 answers

Create xkcd style diagram in TeX

The unique style of the diagrams at xkcd has an informative but nice hand-drawn touch. I guess they are actually drawn by hand but just recently on our partner site for Mathematica someone asked how ...
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How to expand TeX's "main memory size"? (pgfplots memory overload)

I'm compiling one pretty simple LaTeX file with few dozen of pgfplots. Now, I can compile part by part, but am unable to compile it all at once. I really need good precision for all those plots (noise ...
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167 votes
3 answers

Option clash for package xcolor

I'm writing a report, and have a rather large table in my appendix. I'd like to emphasize some specific values by coloring some single cells. I'm trying to do it with xcolor. But receiving the error: ...
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7 answers

Filling specified area by random dots in TikZ

I want to reproduce the following diagram in Tikz. LaTeX code of my MWE is below: \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \usepackage{pgfplots} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} \draw [-latex, thick] ...
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Customize legend position in PGFplots axis environment

I am trying to customize the position of the legend in the axis environment of PGFplots. A simple way to do this is by using something like legend pos=south west|south east|north west|north east in ...
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83 votes
2 answers

Positioning of Pgfplot axis labels

I'm trying to adjust the position of my axes labels and I'm having some trouble: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{float} \usepackage{pgfplots} \usepackage{graphicx} \begin{document} \begin{figure}[...
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1 answer

What does "running in backwards compatibility mode" mean and what should I fix to get rid of it?

I was typesetting a Tex file, but I got this warning: ! Package pgfplots Warning: running in backwards compatibility mode (unsuitable tick labels; missing features). Consider writing \pgfplotsset{...
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77 votes
4 answers

Axis break in pgfplots

Is there an easy way to 'break' the axis in a pgfplots environment? What I'm talking about is something like this Any minimal plot will do as an example...for example \documentclass{minimal} \...
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76 votes
4 answers

Hide tick numbers in a TikZ/PGF axis environment.

I have a TikZ/PGF axis enviroment where by default numbers are shown along the ticks. I want it to look like this: (Axis without tick numbers) I found out how to modify the ticks itself using ...
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70 votes
2 answers

number format in pgfplots axis

How can I change the type of the decimal/thousand separator from the american one to the european one? More precisely, I want: "1000" to be written as is, instead of "1,000" "0,1" instead of "0.1"
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69 votes
4 answers

Replicate the Fourier transform time-frequency domains correspondence illustration using TikZ

The following time-frequency correspondence illustration is in the wikipedia entry of the Fourier transform. Also a gif animation version (if the animation doesn't show, please open the following ...
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69 votes
4 answers

pgfplots: how can I scale to text width?

This question led to a new package: tikzscale When I try to scale a plot with: width=\textwidth there is some horizontal space between the start/end of the plot and the start/end of the margins, ...
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5 answers

How to plot data from a CSV file using tikz and csvsimple?

Here is a minimal example : \begin{filecontents*}{data.csv} a,b,c,d 1,4,5,1 2,3,1,5 3,5,6,1 4,1,4,9 5,3,4,7 \end{filecontents*} \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{...
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1 answer

How can I adjust the horizontal spacing between legend entries in PGFPlots?

I am using legend columns=-1 to make a horizontal legend. However, the distance between the individual legend entries is too small for my taste. Is there a straightforward way to increase the ...
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62 votes
7 answers

3-dimensional histogram in pgfplots

I have a simple 3d histogram which I want to import into pgfplots, e.g. using matlab2tikz or by hand. PGFplots does not offer 3d histograms. Is there an easy way to do this?
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2 answers

how to keep a 1:1 scale with x and y axis

I have been searching for hours now on how to fix these small problems, and I am finally admitting defeat and humbly ask for help. Lately I have been going over some of my badly drawn figures, trying ...
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60 votes
1 answer

Removing x and y ticks in PGFplot

I'm trying to disable the ticks from showing on this diagram: I've tried using x tick=empty as you can see, but it doesn't appear to change anything since I'm not actually plotting in the axis, only ...
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How to put legend below the chart?

I have the following code that produces a line chart: \begin{figure}[p] \centering \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis}[ use units, cycle list name=exotic, %This defines the color. It ...
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12 answers

Drawing minimal xy axis

can anybody help me to draw this minimal example of an xy axis? I couldn't find anything similar on the forum. The axis should be black but the grid behind it a shade o gray, dashed. It would be ...
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2 answers

pgfplots: prevent single plot from being listed in legend

In order to fill the area between two complex curves I use tables and the vertcat command (see Fill between two curves in pgfplots.). Now I don't want the plotted area to appear in my legend, just ...
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55 votes
4 answers

Pgfplots: how to fill the area under a curve with oblique lines (hatching) as a pattern?

I want to hatch the area under a curve (graph of a function) with oblique lines on an interval (to illustrate the function's integral on that interval). This can be done elegantly in gnuplot... ......
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55 votes
1 answer

How do you remove the axis multiplier?

A chart with data in the range of 200,000 and small difference between max and min values, will be assigned a 10^5 multiplier to the entire axis. This results in the ticks becoming meaningless, since ...
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2 answers

How do I change the font size of the axis tick labels in pgfplots?

Surely this question must have been asked before, but I cannot find it and my searches through the user's guide are proving fruitless. I have the following graph: % arara: pdflatex % arara: pdflatex ...
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1 answer

Bell Curve/Gaussian Function/Normal Distribution in TikZ/PGF

Can anyone tell me how to plot a gaussian function/bell curve using TikZ/PGF? I'm basically looking to implement something like PSTricks's \psGauss command.
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4 answers

specify the step of pgfplots axis

Now the numbers on the x-axis are 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 I want to show integer only: 0, 1, 2 How can I do that? My code: \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis}[ xlabel=threads, ylabel=speedup &...
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51 votes
3 answers

Drawing heatmaps using TikZ

Introduction I want to create a heatmap using TikZ. You can see the basic idea in the picture below: I basically have a table of values and each value is assigned a color. The picture is the result ...
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Remove the scientific notation which is unreasonable

From the original data, we know that they are nearly 0.087 rather that 0.087 x 10^-2. Why is there scientific notation (10^-2)? It looks ridiculous. Please help me figure it out. Thanks very much! ...
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1 answer

Where is the pattern list gallery for pgfplots?

Where is the list, or gallery of the patterns available for pgfplots?
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1 answer

How can I make my pgfplots ylabel multiline?

My pgfplots ylabel text is too long and looks strange. Can I make it multiline?
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47 votes
4 answers

Axis with trigonometric labels in PGFPlots

How do I make the axis labels use multiples of \pi in PGFPlots?
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47 votes
1 answer

Matplotlib's PGF vs tikzplotlib

I want to generate some plots to be integrated into a LaTeX document compiled with pdflatex. I also want the plot font (legend, title ...) to follow the settings of the LaTeX document. My search so ...
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46 votes
2 answers

Label plots in pgfplots without entering coordinates manually

I like to label my plots directly, i.e. without using a legend, but instead using a pin node. So far, I have added the labels with manually specified coordinates, which means trial-and-error for data ...
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1 answer

How to prevent pgfplots from using the 10^n notation for axis ticks [duplicate]

When creating a plot like this one \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pgfplots} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis} \addplot coordinates { (...
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46 votes
3 answers

How to combine fill and pattern in a pgfplot bar plot?

Is it possible to combine a TikZ pattern with a background of a chosen color? \addplot[black,fill=yellow,pattern=north east lines] ... yields bars which have black stripes on white (transparent?) ...
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45 votes
3 answers

Is there a package that provides graphing in the style of Ed Tufte?

I have recently started using the tufte-latex package for various science writing and, while I love the package generally, am dismayed that it does not include the ability to produce graphics (charts, ...
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45 votes
2 answers

How can I adjust the position of xlabel and ylabel with pgfplots?

I would like to have \sin x on top of the y-axis' arrow tip and x somewhere on the right of the x-axis' arrow tip. How can I achieve that? On top of that, I would like to know how I can tweak the ...
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3 answers

Tufte like axis with pgfplots

How to achieve this kind of axis with pgfplot ? Image taken from Szymon Beczkowski's awesome PhD thesis design (thesis link) I may provide you with some data to play with. \documentclass{standalone} ...
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44 votes
4 answers

How can I add a zero line to a plot?

I frequently need to draw a horizontal or vertical line passing through the axis origin that spans the entire width or height of my plot area. I don't want to use axis lines=middle, because the tick ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Removing legend box (border) in pgfplots

I'm attempting to remove or 'turn off' the legend border in pgfplots, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I assume it will look something like this: \begin{axis}[ legend style={?}] where ? ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Different marker shape for pgf/TikZ

I have a figure in my paper which compared 6 different cases. The figure needs to be in black and white. In below is the code I used to create the figure. \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{...
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44 votes
2 answers

Reduce vertical size of tikz plot

The following code generates a color mapped plot. I would like to reduce the vertical size however, and cannot figure out how. Can anyone give me a hint? \documentclass[a4paper,twocolumn]{article} \...
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44 votes
1 answer

Plotting several 2d functions in a 3d graph

I am trying to reproduce a similar figure to the following one. My first guess was to use pgfplots but I didn't find any example that I could use as a starting point. At the moment I am unsure if ...
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43 votes
4 answers

Fill the area between two curves calculated by pgfplots

This is essentially the same question as fill the area between two curves when their coordinates are known. In that question, the curves were defined by known coordinates. I want to fill the area ...
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43 votes
2 answers

What is the clearest way to graph a piecewise function?

I have a function defined as: How can I graph that using functions instead of coordinates? I'm currently working with pgfplots but I'm open to something else if it's better.
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42 votes
3 answers

Aligning subplots in a pgfplots figure

I have the following figure (a very, very stripped down version of a figure I created using matlab2tikz) My problem is that the subplots are not aligned correctly due to the fact that the y axis ...
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1 answer

pgfplots: two y-axis with three plots and one legend

After googling about my problem, I came up with this two year old question here on TeX.SX. I adopted the example from there having two plots in the first axis-environment and one plot in the second ...
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4 answers

Differential Equation direction plot with pgfplots

In earlier thread Jake provided some code whom successfully draws the following differential equations in the range [0; 1] dy/dx=2*x dy/dx=x*sqrt(x) See: How to draw slope fields with all the ...
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39 votes
2 answers

How to plot a lattice of points on the surface of a torus?

I am doing a report on the Ising model, without going into the complex details of the model, in its two-dimensional form it involves a lattice of points. Which, when periodic boundary conditions are ...
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How to make pdfLaTeX multithreaded when `--shell-escape` is enabled?

I am using \write18 enabled (or --shell-escape) with externalization to compile a bunch of PGFplots. The first run takes much time, and I noticed that pdflatex only runs on one CPU core. Is there any ...
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4 answers

Draw somewhat random function

I am trying to reconstruct this image here I am not very happy with the code, as it uses hacking and adding white boxes and alike. My problem is now how do I draw the somewhat arbitary function in ...
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