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Template for a photo book, geometry non consistent

I'm creating a template for a photo book using minipage to insert a picture in each page. The problem I have is that I cannot get consistent margin using the geometry package. My gut is that the ...
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Image spread over 2 pages

I'm publishing a photo book. Chapters consist of groups of photographs, no text, and some images are spreads over 2 pages. I found this solution: \twopagepicture package refining It works fine but the ...
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How do I tell a double page in hvfloat to start on even page?

I'm using hvfloat package as I want to have some full spreads in a photo book. Cannot find a way to have the spreads start on an even page. But they seem to start random based on the text amount ...
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How to achieve a few different page layouts for a photobook?

I'm considering designing a photobook in LaTeX but am concerned that I will run into unanticipated problems, so wanted to give some details and see how these might be achievable. My idea for this book:...
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