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Can I save a copy of TeXWorks to a USB drive and download that same copy to a new computer?

It is my understanding that I need to download a portable version of TeXLive (my TeX distro) to something like "/TeX Live 2023/" on the USB flashdrive I want to use. But if I want to copy my ...
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Should author field in bib files be in "First Last" format or "Last, First" format?

Is there a preferred way of writing the author name in .bib files between the two formats below? @book{tgt, title = {The Great Title}, author = {Jane Doe and Ron Wonder}, year = {2022}, ...
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What package should I use for single/double quoted inline text according to babel settings?

tl;dr What package and command should I use to write double quoted text or single quoted text depending on whether I set babel to English or Italian? Specifically, I'm not referring to quotes used for ...
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Differentiate package parameters for different versions of package

I have 2 versions of TeXLive: 2020 at home (as far as I remember) 2021 at work I have a document with string: \usepackage[group-separator = \;, decimalsymbol=comma]{siunitx} It works at home, but ...
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How to fix placement of layers in Apple Preview (works in Adobe Reader and others)

I am trying to create an interactive PDF where one can switch between a color and a grayscale image using the ocgx2 package. It works on Adobe (with interactive element), and displays fine in most ...
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Parsing to package-independent Tex

Is the ability to create package-independent TeX readily available? I would like, for example, to have a system with access to a package (e.g. mhchem) create TeX that could then render on a system ...
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Automatic creation of caching directories

The following MWE writes a cache file to the tikzcache directory \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{external} \tikzexternalize \tikzsetexternalprefix{tikzcache/} \begin{...
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Is there a pdfLaTeX binary I can ship with my software?

I want to create a piece of software which outputs (beautiful) pdfs. However, I don't want to make the user install a LaTeX distribution. Is there some kind of portable binary I can ship with my ...
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help with errors -- to create a Portable install of LyX

SOLVED -- SEE AT BOTTOM I have a work computer that is completely locked down and I can't install most software in it (including LyX). Not much of a problem, I've discovered the world of "Portable ...
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MikTeX + TeXstudio Portable

I have a new problem. I would like to use MikTeX and TeXstudio as portable version. But I have a problem and you can help me with Stutkur -Latex --MiKTeX ---texmfs ---TexStudio ---miktex-portable.cmd ...
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Is it possible to install MiKTeX or TeX Live on Windows using portable version as a local repository?

Assume there is a computer running Windows 7+. I have an external drive with a bunch of portable programs, among which there happen to be two directories with complete portable versions of MiKTeX and ...
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Implementing latex in application [duplicate]

Is there any way to implement latex in my application(written in python) without having to actually install Miktex or Texlive. I want to compile a .tex to pdf. The size should also be small so ...
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Modal math font commands in modern LaTeX? (i.e. modal version of \mathrm etc.)

Is there a modern modal version of the math font commands? In modern LaTeX, the use of old font-commands like \rm is quite strongly discouraged, with the commands being removed from the Kernel, and ...
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How can I test if a .tex file is portable?

Say that I have a .tex file that I want to send to another person who should be able to compile it. On my working machine the compilation requires many many custom packages (not included in CTAN) that ...
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remember user shortcut in texmaker on usb key

I would like to know if there is a way to remember all the configuration (user shortcut,...) made on texmaker. My problem is that my faculty has Latex and Texmaker installed on the computers but the ...
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Portable install for use on Raspberry Pi

I would like to install TeXLive as a portable installation on a USB drive and then use it on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (a modified version of Debian). The SD card I am using for the Pi's "hard ...
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Is there a placeholder for the drive letter of the TeXnicCenter installation?

Because I want to run TeXnicCenter and MikTeX on an USB-Drive, I have to variable the drive letter within the output profiles. Is there any possibility? The TeXnicCenter-placeholders only have a ...
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Export portable latex document

I have a multi-part LaTeX document that I intend to hand in to a conference. One of the requirements is that I also hand in the source code. Obviously this includes all dependencies of my document (i....
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portable PS-viewer with forward and inverse-search

I am using a portable Latex (Miktex, Texniccenter & Sumatrapdf) from my flashdrive and all works good. But I found no possibility to search in *.ps files through forward or inverse-search. I use ...
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Start TeXstudio portable in multiple instances

I use TeXstudio portable and want to use it in multiple instances when double clicking a .tex or .txss file. The necessary starting parameter is described here, but I do not know how to use it. Do you ...
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2 answers

epslatex: relative path issue

Please, how one could directly include epslatex graphics into main latex file, say main.tex? main.tex has its own template provided by a third party. I used this command within main.tex file to ...
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Which is the most suitable ultra-portable device for full LaTeX functionality?

Which is the most suitable ultra-portable device for full LaTeX functionality? With "ultra-portable" I mean devices like the iPad or the Asus Eee Pad Transformer with low weight, long battery ...
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the selected document class requires external files that are not available - LyX portable

I'm using LyX portable on windows, and I get this message the selected document class article(hebrew) requires external files that are not avialable. ... the following prerequisites are installed:...
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portable LaTeX on thumbdrive [duplicate]

What is the most common solution to getting TeX on the go. I am looking for a way to fit everything onto a thumbdrive. (up to 8Gb?) It needs to be able to have a text editor and a typesetting system....
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2 votes
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Portable LaTeX?

This isn't explicitly a question on TeX syntax, but is there a program available (or a flag for latex itself) that will create a complete standalone LaTeX file from one that has multiple dependencies?
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Stand-alone LaTeX -compiler for Windows i.e. without installation? Some USB -stick?

My university here provides TeXnicCenter without compiler. I am unable to install the compiler due to permissions, I am forced to work in Windows environment during classes without traditional *ix ...
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texmaker 3.5 miktex portable 2.9 and epstopdf

I am using TeXMaker 3.5 (same problems in TeXMaker 3.4.1) and MikTeX 2.9. My source is: \documentclass[10pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{epstopdf}...
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Using \input|texlua... to emulate \directlua in pdfTeX

When --shell-escape is enabled, pdfTeX allows to run external programs and input the result expandably with \input|"...". Together with the Lua interpreter texlua, this could be used to provide a ...
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Producing Generic or Portable TEX Source Codes Using - the World Wide Web- Standards [closed]

Is it possible to write or produce a(n) -ultimate- standard coding pattern for TEX source codes those might work well enough across the "World Wide Web" on almost every each of platforms available, ...
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2 answers

Easiest way to make a document using TTF portable

Although I've found a way to install fonts, I would like to distribute a .tex document along with any font it's using and be able to compile it without having to install these fonts. For instance, I ...
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21 votes
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Option unicode=true with hyperref

Is there a drawback when using the option unicode=true with the package hyperref and the engines PDFTeX, XeTeX and LuaTeX? In other words, can a portable document always have \usepackage[unicode=...
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Portable minimal distribution

Are there any portable minimal latex/xelatex distributions? I know of MikTeX portable, but at 130MBs it is far from minimal. Alternatively, can I easily make my own distribution? What I would like to ...
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