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How do you pronounce \rightleftarrows?

I'm making a latex to speech library, and I have come across \rightleftarrows which looks like this: ⮂ which is in context to this equation: \rm CO_2 + H_2O \rightleftarrows H_2CO_3 \...
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How do you pronounce letters generated with \Bbb and \mathbb?

I'm writing LaTeX to speech software. In LaTeX, I pronounce R as "Boldface Ar". How should I pronounce $$\Bbb R$$?
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Can I add an English word pronunciation automatically using latex?

I know that there's a package named tipa that could handle the phonetic symbols gracefully and manually. I want to know if there's a way to input those phonetic symbols automatically based on a word, ...
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Adding characters of English pronunciation

I'd like to add chars of English pronunciation, such like "əɒˈæɪʒʃʊʌ". I've already tried to change the inputenc and the fotnenc, but nothing worked properly. \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[...
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Conjugating verb for "to write LaTeX" [closed]

The verb "to LaTeX a paper" seems fairly commonplace. How does one conjugate this verb? I.e. would I say "John LaTeX's his work", "John LaTeXes his work", "John LaTeXs his work", or something else? ...
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Pronunciation of biblatex and biber [closed]

I wonder how I shall pronounce biblatex and biber. Shall I pronounce bi as in bite or bi as in bit?(although in case of biber I prefer to say bi as in bite because it reminds me of that canadian guy). ...
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How is TikZ meant to be pronounced? "tiks", "tikz" or "tik-zee"?

Disclaimer: I'm not sure this question is on topic on either the main site or the meta site, but the question itself is definitely "meta". Knuth writes about the canonical pronunciation of TeX at the ...
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Why is MiKTeX not pronounced as Miktek and is the former an allusion to the latter? [duplicate]

I recently watched a video of a singer introducing her new equipment, the Miktek CV4 microphone. It dawned on me that the spelling bears resemblance to MiKTeX and I became curious if MiKTeX is an ...
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Correct pronunciation of graphicx?

I know that this question may be not in the main stream, but it is the matter of communication. We have LaTeX graphic packages graphics (s as standard) and graphicx (x as extended). I am thinking ...
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