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How to change font in upTex/upLaTeX

I'm using uplatex to write some Japanese articles. I want to change font for the text, but I don't know how. Unlike xelatex which I've used for most of the time, \usepackage{fontspec} won't compile in ...
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What is kcatcode in pTeX and upTeX?

The Japanese TeX engines pTeX and upTeX treat separately Latin and Japanese characters, in a way I don't fully understand. They introduce a notion of kcatcode of a Japanese character, which takes ...
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"pxbabel" unable to compile Korean characters under pTex due to font

some backgrounds: System: OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) MacTex version: 2016 Software: TexShop (pTex configured exactly as here) It is a feature of pxbabel that it provides multiple language support for ...
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Using pLaTeX with TexShop without setting it as default

I am trying to use pLaTeX to compile documents in Japanese in TexShop. As far as I know, the easiest way to do it is to change the TeXShop Preferences from [Regular] to [pTex (ptex2pdf)], as ...
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How to uninstall TeX Live on Mac which is installed through command "sudo port install texlive +full"?

At the beginning, my purpose is to set up AUCTeX with Emacs. I just do like below Download AUCTeX, then cd to the directory, make and sudo make install. It works well when the .tex file only ...
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How to use \tikzmark with pLaTeX?

Usually I use the standard latex from MiKTeX when i use TikZ, which works good. But now I need to use platex from w32tex instead to include Japanese characters, which gives me the error: Package pgf ...
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