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Q.E.D., quod erat demonstrandum, what had to be shown. A common way to end a mathematical proof often marked by a square. This tag is about questions concerning ways to typeset such marks.

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QED-Symbol in last line of a cases-environment

I know there are several topics about this, but for any reason, no one answered my exact problem. So, I end a proof with a cases-environment and I want to set the QED-Square at the end of the last ...
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Place the QED symbol for a proof that ends with a figure on the same line of the figure caption

I have a figure at the end of a proof environment (see MWE below). I would like to have the QED symbol that ends the proof on the same line of the figure caption. Placing \qedhere after or inside \...
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How to move a q.e.d. / halmos / tombstone in the caption of a H-placed figure to the right margin when using article?

Continuing How to put a halmos into a caption of a H-placed figure when using svmono?, what to do when you're using the class article rather than svmono? Running pdflatex on \documentclass{article} \...
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Problem using \qedhere inside alignat

As suggested by Barbara Beeton here, I am posting this as a new question. When a proof ends in a displayed formula, to have the QED symbol in the correct place you have to use \qedhere inside the ...
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How to see where a definition/example ends when using the parskip package?

I like to use the parskip package, making paragraphs separated by vertical space instead of by indentation. However, since (seemingly the same amount of) vertical space is also used in amsthm to ...
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QED-Symbol at end of cases

I have an environment >>Satz<< (German for >>theorem<<), which ends with a \diamond. But if the theorem ends with cases, the diamond is not set correctly. It is either in a new ...
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Set qed-symbol aligned with an enumerate/align environment

When my proof end with an enumeration resp. a formula, the qed-symbol is set in a new line. But I want it to be in the last line of the enumeration resp. the formula. Here is what is looks like: Here ...
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What do \pushQED and \popQED do?

I have seen the commands \pushQED and \popQED used in quite a few examples, many connected with the amsthm proof environment, but I cannot find any documentation explaining what they actually do or ...
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Making the qed symbol appear at the end of an align only on the last overlay of a frame

I would like the qed symbol to appear only on the last slide of this frame. Can someone help me? \documentclass[10pt, professionalfonts, aspectratio=169]{beamer} \usepackage{amssymb,latexsym} \...
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QED symbol before theorem name

I'm writing a book using LegrandOrangeBook.cls version 3.1. Every time I state an example by using theoremstyle, a QED symbol appear before the theorem name. How to write that example without QED ...
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