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{readarray} is for questions pertaining to the readarray package, and its use in generating 2D or 3D data arrays in LaTeX.

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How to typeset an array using package readarray

Thanks in advance for any attention you give to this question! I'm trying to read an array from an external file, print some elements of it, and then typeset the array in my document. I'm able to read ...
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How to Create an Array of Numbers Within a Given Range and Shuffle Them?

Is there a way I can create an array of integers, say between 1 and 10, and then shuffle that array? I would like it to work with tikz/pgf \foreach. I imagine it would work something like this. \...
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Parboxes generated in a for loop go off the end of my document page

I am a TeX novice. I am looking to typeset an arbitrary number of small (18 mm x 7 mm) labels which are produced iteratively based on alphanumeric strings stored in a CSV file. Each label should ...
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allow comments in file read by readarray

I'm using readarray to read files containing key=value pairs, as shown here. I would like to also allow comments in the file read, is it possible to make that work (without resorting to lualatex, I'd ...
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`\readlist{}` inside a table not working

I am writing a package, which contains the following code as its part. The problem is \readlist inside longtable environment. When I write the code, not as a macro but in the main body it works, in ...
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Automating csv in readarray for math equation worksheet

I work with students with special needs in a high school setting in America within an inclusion classroom (students with special needs integrated into general ed class). I'm trying to do a lot of ...
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How can I split array content?

I want to draw a special chart, for which the data are given as shown in the minimal example: The first row shows years, the first column Companies and at the cross-points you find a string of data. ...
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Looping through `readarray` inside a TikZ environment [closed]

In Tikz, how can I loop through a readarray object? \documentclass[tikz, border=0mm]{standalone} \usetikzlibrary{calc} \usepackage{array} \usepackage{readarray} \readarraysepchar{,} \usepackage{...
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set value in readarray

I do love the simplicity of the readarray package but is there any way to set/change values in a data structure produced by readarray? \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{readarray} \def\data{% 1 ...
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Doing math with a value from readarray

I have some numbers that have been read in from a file, using the readarray package. But now I need to add two of these numbers together and output their sum into the file. Is there a way to do this ...
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Calculated label rotation in postscript

Elaborating on a solution obtained from the accepted answer of my earlier question, I would like to rotate upside-down labels on the righthand side of the rosetta using modulus. \documentclass[...
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Read cell value from string array and it assign to macro

How it is possible to read some value from string array and assign it to macro \documentclass{article} \usepackage{readarray}[2016-11-07] \begin{filecontents*}{myfile.txt} Alfred; Koch Mildred; Jane \...
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