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Questions tagged [reflection]

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Flipping and rotation an image with tikz [closed]

I have the following issue. I would like to emulate the friezes of this webpage. \url{} I'm stuck at F6 and ...
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Does \reflectbox or \rotatebox affect text size? [duplicate]

I needed a quantifier that looks like an upside-down N so I defined \newcommand{\namesym}{\reflectbox{\rotatebox[origin=c]{180}{$\mathsf{N}$}}} In most places, this has about the same size as ...
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Parameterize call to macro [duplicate]

I like to parameterize the call to a macro. Please see the minimal example below. I think it is self-explaining. Ultimately, I am searching for a way to call a macro by a string (kind of reflection). \...
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Mirroring a section of the document

I am working on a paper and I need to mirror a whole section in a page (which is the solution of a puzzle, so the reader needs a mirror in order to read it and there are no spoilers). I'm about to ...
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How to change intensity of TikZ fading?

I am attempting to do a mirror/reflection effect using TikZ fadings, but the fade that I am currently able to achieve is too 'gentle' - the line fades, but all of the line remains. The line's ...
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Upside down reversion for a Greek letter

How do I type in LaTeX a Greek letter, say \Omega reflected along baseline? I might have included a picture for what I mean but it should be clear anyway. If not clear: I want to type a Greek letter ...
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tag an equation

I want to give a name to an equation which is "the reverse of ن" i'm using polyglossia when I write \documentclass[12pt,a4paper,openany]{book} %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%...
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3 votes
1 answer

text with different reflection

Καλημέρα! I 'm want to have a word (Παρατηρήσεις) like a reflection below of a math text. I want: each letter to be bellow of each symbol, all the math text in the same line, all the image could be ...
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12 votes
3 answers

reflectbox in emphasis environment

I try to get irony punctuation mark in LaTeX with CMU font. This symbol is in Unicode: ⸮ (U+U+2E2E) So I search a way to get a correct rendering with CMU of this symbol. But the problem is the ...
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Can custom ligatures be defined by user?

I hope I was not wrong in assuming that such a question has never been posted, since I haven't checked. Thinking about a girl, whose name is Gioia, and noticing that upper case G and and lower case a ...
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0 answers

latex reflection and rotation [duplicate]

I'm using reflection and rotation from the graphics package. Depending on the number of characters I get an unwanted landscape output in the PDF file. [latex->dvips->ps2pdf] \documentclass{article} \...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to create a tex file in which reflections of the top will be in the bottom of the same page?

I want to prepare a .tex document using TeXStudio satisfying the following: Take an A4 size paper. What ever is written in the top half of the page. Same writing will be reflected on the bottom ...
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1 answer

Superscript size when using reflected glyphs

I want to use a reflected $\Gamma$ symbol as a superscript in math mode. I am using \reflectbox from graphicx package to declare a macro for reflected symbol and it works in normal size (math) mode. ...
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1 answer

Reflect / flip / rotate a table or array without rotating the elements

I have been working on an array environment, but I have realized that it would take up less space if it was reflected across the diagonal (I suppose this is not quite the same as flipped or rotated, ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How to plot the absolute value of a hobby curve

I have a hobby curve that has regions above and below the horizontal axis. I would like to illustrate the difference between net and total area by being able to reflect the portion below the ...
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1 answer

Does the mirror image of the \models symbol exist in TeX?

I've tried detexify, but it does not identity the symbol I saw in a textbook "A Mathematical Introduction to Logic", by Herbert Enderton. The symbol is composed of two parts. The left looks like the \...
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How to flip / produce the mirror image of a special character in xelatex

I'm producing a menu with xelatex using the font Bickham Script Pro. It has a swirly pattern I'd like to use at the beginning and end of a line. The swirly character would need to be flipped to have ...
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How can I produce the reflection of a pstricks image in pstricks?

I defined some small pstricks makro: \begin{pspicture}(-5,-5)(5,5) \newcommand{\leftwall}{% \psline(-4,-4)(-4,4) \multips(-4,-3.5)(0,0.5){14}{\psline(0,0)(-1,1)} } \leftwall \end{...
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2 answers

Introspection and reflection with LaTeX/TeX macros

Below is a short program that can use \meaning and \string to let a combination of LaTeX and TeX commands to print out the listing of macros. Unsurprisingly (nothing can surprise me with TeX any more)...
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