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Questions tagged [repositories]

about (either official or unofficial) software storage facilities for LaTeX packages.

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tlmgr cannot load TeX Live database

On freebsd 13 with the texlive-full port. When I trying to set up tlmgr and check the repository with tlmgr -repository update --list I get tlmgr: Cannot ...
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LaTeX Figure Repository

I am wondering if there is a source website or repository for LaTeX figures. Many talented LaTechnicians have put many hours into solutions for making complex figures, even on this forum, and I'm sure ...
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Why is it so difficult to Update MiKTeX in China?

MiKTeX Package Repositories I can connect to none of these, with or without VPN. Tried to uninstall and reinstall on fresh Windows 10 systems too. Never thought ...
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Creating a new repository for TeXLive that contains custom, different packages

In short/tldr: I want to create a repository containing custom packages that can be accessed and installed by TeXLive. Any complete documentation on TeXLive-compatible repositories? Edit I'm looking ...
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Providing a local package repository on a web server

We have some problems with installing TEX packages due to firewalls and strict IT-regulations in our organization, and I'm trying to overcome some of the issues by offering the necessary MiKTeX ...
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Error when attempting to change (set) package repository (new install)

Thanks to all for making this a great site. This is my first post ever because most questions are already answered here! Although I've used Latex for years, I still consider my technical competency to ...
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Unable to load repositories in Tex Live manager

It shows an error No backend and closes the manager on clicking "OK". I tried loading different repositories but it was the same. I was wondering maybe I should install the newer version of ...
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link texlive to github repository

I have a package of commands commands.sty on github. Is there a way that I can point TexLive to this github repository so that I can use \includepackage{commands} in any local document? So far, I've ...
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MiKTeX random repository always picking one that's offline

I'm using MiKTeX 2.9.7429 with Windows 10 and when I try to update my packages on the internet it fails because a certain repository server is down. Ok, could just wait for the server get back, but my ...
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Can't update TexLive to 2020, but Update Repository is for 2020 Version

Recently tried to update a package through TexLive, but I found out that the default repository for updates has switched to the 2020 version, while my TexLive is 2019. Unfortunately, when I went to ...
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