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How to type a document in LATEX [duplicate]

So, I completed my masters from a poor country and there was no one to tell ( including my advisor) to write masters thesis in LATEX. I wrote my thesis in MS word. I am now applying to West for PhD ...
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A collection of LaTeX commands with the corresponding symbols in unicode?

The best collection of LaTeX symbols which can be copy/pasted I have found so far in my search is here, very short. Is there a comprehensive list of LaTeX symbols in copy/pastable format, where I can ...
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How is TeX syntactically organised?

I'm just starting out on TeX, and I wanted to find a directory or table of how TeX is arranged in syntax. I can make educated guesses, but I figured I'd be better self taught if I understood how ...
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Alternative to overleaf: Something where I can directly copy from stackexchange

I write my homework using maths stackexchange while copying to overleaf. But this isn't directly translatable: To do spaces I have to add a \\ every line to do a line break/vertical space/whatever ...
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Resources for learning how 'advanced level' stuff in LaTeX

I oftentimes only see dense resources (books/lengthy tutorials) about how to use LaTeX. They generally spend most of the time teaching how to make tables, use math mode, cite papers, and other basic ...
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LaTeX exercises

Recently I've learning more about LaTeX and I would like to know where can I found exercises and documents to replicate in order to improve my skills.
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Where to report issues: GitHub or SourceForge?

Sometimes, I would like to ask for a feature or report an issue in a package or software (e.g. TeXStudio). So, I found that there are two ways to communicate with the maintainers: GitHub and ...
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Documentation of loop over item

In this answer there is a loop construct used called loop over item. I am looking for a documentation of this and for a reference in which file it is defined. \ifdate{workday} { \tikzset{every ...
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Is there any browser-based LaTeX IDE that can run on a personal server?

I wanted to have a docker image with TeX Live to run it on a server and use it remotely. I have no problem in creating and using it. However, I wish to add an IDE that could be used through a browser. ...
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How do I find the meaning of latex documentclass options?

I saw someone using the [final] option for the beamer documentclass and wanted to see what it did. So I searched the package documentation here on CTAN and also found the directory on my computer that ...
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A good program to write mathematical papers using LaTeX as in this site [duplicate]

Is there a good program, either online or to download, to write nicely mathematical papers using the same LaTeX versions as in mathexchange, or as close to it as possible? I've seen something called ...
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Where is a good repository or resource for a lot of diverse sample equations?

Backstory: I am building a LaTeX to Speech library, and require a large amount of diverse samples which are readily available. Right now, I am trying to fish for examples out of tutorials and this ...
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strange error using tcolorbox or other resources. box array

I am doing something that you might think is a little strange, but have good reason for it. The code below is generated by lua function I wrote. For some reason, it fails when I do this more than 4 ...
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ConTeXt for the LaTeX user [duplicate]

I am willing to try out ConTeXt after reading about its typographical capabilities and differences from more classical engines. I was wondering if there was good and recent resources to learn the ...
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Database for many TeX documents

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. Otherwise I would be happy to be guided to change the place of it. For some task of data mining I need to have access to a large set of ...
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Is there a good tutorial / getting-started-guide focused on the KOMA-Script way?

So, I'm pretty new to LaTeX. I've been told in many places to use KOMA-Script document-classes instead of the standard ones; but it's also been mentioned that after doing so, you can't use a plethora ...
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"Manual of style" for LaTeX (especially geared towards mathematical writing)

Does there exist a "manual of style" (or "manual of best practices") for LaTeX (especially geared towards mathematical writing)? For instance, every time I've to write things like $a^2+b^2=c^2$, ...
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How to include all bibfiles in a directory?

I managed to add all bibfiles in a bib/ directory to my default resource list by using \write18 and pdflatex -shell-escape. Is there a less cumbersome way to do add all bibfiles in a directory to the ...
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Aligning table within latex editor

Suppose I have the following table in my TeXstudio editor: Latex & 360 & 101.77 & 10.71 & 101.86 & 64.60 & 127.20 \\ Manufacturing & 360 & -7.33 & 12.59 &...
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How/Where can I commission diagrams for my *TeX papers?

Suppose I want to pay someone to draw one or more mathematical/scientific diagrams for a paper or book using TikZ, Asymptote, PSTricks, Sketch, MetaPost, or another TeX-friendly system. Preferably, I ...
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How can I make my LaTeX paper look like this?

I've seen MANY papers created with LaTeX that have the following format: In particular, I like the font sizes and the way that section titles are centered and in all caps. Does anyone know if there ...
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Is there a resource with latex snippets?

I have been working in Latex for a little over a month now and I have been searching for a resource (like a website) to find latex snippets for commonly used structures or equations. For example, a ...
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Comprehensive List of LaTeX Packages

I am fairly new to LaTeX and am really struggling with finding the right packages for my document. Is there a resource for 1) looking up the package (e.g. \graphicx) and finding out what it does and ...
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Can I find something like this online? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Compiling documents online I can only use email to ask my mathematics teacher questions and that can be very unhandy. So I'm wondering if there is a site in which you can just ...
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Where to find the source code to the ConTeXt manuals?

Quite a number of helpful manuals can be found at the Web page of PRAGMA ADE. Some have some very interesting designs. I wonder, is there a place to download the source code for some or all of these ...
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Failing to connect to [closed]

I have been trying to connect to the Tex Users Group (TUG) website for the past few days with no success at all. I keep getting the connection has timed out error message. I was wondering if someone ...
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Latex not data driven enough, Embed XML+XSLT?

Ok, so I've been using Lyx for about a year now. I haven't really dug too deep in to the LaTex/Tex side of things. I've a little more experience with XML + XSLT. It has a nice seperation of Data from ...
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Resources for designing a table of contents

What various packages, example code, or examples of existing documents with available source code are available to assist one in: Changing the style and formating of a table of contents? Building a ...
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Where can I find examples of decorated borders/margins?

Are there any readily available examples of decorated borders/margins? I am trying to have some decore running along the edges of page, e.g. Gargoyles/Motif/Some type of mathematical curve/whatever. ...
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LaTeX resources for non-technical writing

I have read dozens of tutorials on creating LaTeX documents. All of them have one thing in common: they all focus on writing a technical thesis or a math paper of some sort. I'm a programmer and I ...
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Document class downloads for LyX

I'm looking for document class downloads for LyX, i.e. .cls and .layout files for multiple purposes, mostly life sciences article writing. Anyone familiar with a source for a collection of those?
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Where can I find good ConTeXt documentation

Where would be a good place to start learning ConTeXt if you haven't got a lot of experience under your belt yet? Any place online or in a bookstore is welcome, provided that the reading is well-...
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LaTeX Editors/IDEs

What editors/IDEs are available for easing the process of writing TeX/LaTeX documents? Please state some useful features like code completion, spell checking, building final DVI or PDF files, etc. ...
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LaTeX templates for writing a thesis

Aside from CTAN, what are good resources/repositories for Latex templates? In particular, I'm looking for some pretty Thesis templates (I'm familiar with classicthesis)
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What are other good resources on-line for information about TeX, LaTeX and friends?

Are there newsgroups, forums, FAQs, and other sites that provide quality information on TeX, LaTeX and friends? Are all of these in English, or is there one in "my language of choice"?