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Questions tagged [restructured-text]

reStructuredText (RST) is a text format using markdown

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How to change the 'continues on next page' table caption?

I am working on a user manual, compiling it from .rst source files with the pdflatex engine. My user manual has two versions: in English and in Russian. The issue that I have is connected with tables ...
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Japanese Unicode characters not printing in Sphinx Simple-PDF

I am a newbie in Latex. I am using sphinx-intl to generate my .po files and sphinx-simplepdf extension to generate the PDF. My Sphinx is : locale_dirs = ['locale/'] # path is example but ...
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using LaTeX in ReStructuredText documents

This is related to the question about line-break using "::" . Our document is in ReStructuredText and I generate PDFs using LaTeX. I would like to use one of the solutions given there, to ...
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How do I use nicematrix package in Sphinx documentation?

I'm trying to incorporate nicematrix functionalities into my Sphinx documentation. I have MiKTeX and I've intalled the nicematrix package. In my file, I added this: latex_elements ={'preamble'...
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Image path when exporting from Lyx

I am trying to setup LyX to export directly to the reStructuredText format. I adapted these instructions just replacing markdown with reStructuredText. Unfortunately LyX changes the path of every ...
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How to determine the options available in the second parameter of latex preamble /DeclareUnicodeCharacter

Context I am using Sphinx and latexpdf to build reStructured documentation for my project. The documentation draws in remote data that it cannot control (only escape/parse etc). My current build ...
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reStructuredText logo in LaTeX

I would like to refer to reStructuredText in my LaTeX documents my using an equivalent of the \LaTeX{} command. Has anybody perhaps created one?
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pandoc: customize tabular conversion in rst

Consider the following mwe mwe.tex \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \begin{table} \centering \caption{my caption} \label{mylabel} \begin{tabular}{lc} 1 & 2\\ ...
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pandoc: converting between .tex and .rst

I'm using pandoc to convert from .tex to .rst. If I start with the following .tex file, mwe.tex mwe.tex \section{Introduction} Here is some text. Here is some more text. \begin{minipage}{.4\...
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How can I use `\texttt{Some text}` with automatic hyphenation?

On the question How to automatically hyphenate within \texttt? is explained a lot of things, but I could not understand, or at make it work some things. On the question Example about hyphenation with ...
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Page content overflows footnote area

I've got the following problem: The content of a page overflows the footnote area. So far it has only happened when the last thing on the page is a blockquote. Here is a screenshot of what I am ...
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Listings and Restructured Text

Background I'm trying to define a style/language for linting Restructured Text (rst) using the listings (lst) package. This is largely for a few notes I was making but I'll submit the language ...
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Recommended database to handle large amounts of text for LaTeX automation [closed]

I am automating the production of LaTeX files but am noticing that depending on the selected database and scripting language there can be length limitations on the character strings being retrieved. ...
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Line break in texttt

I would like latex to break long text inside \texttt{} that does not contain any whitespaces. Currently the text just runs off the page. The latex document is generated from a reStructureText ...
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Spaces are not formatted correctly in url paths when using sphinx package and reStructuredText

I have a problem similar to the one in: Obey spaces with URL package (path command). The obeyspaces option is not working within the pgfplots table column. However, my problem is slightly different ...
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2 answers

Using markdown/restructuredtext to produce a letter

For simple documents, I like to use markdown/restructuredtext and convert it to LaTeX using pandoc (and LaTeX includes). For documents such as articles, leaflets, etc., it's quite easy. However, I ...
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Is reStructuredText compatible with the memoir class?

While I'm fine with writing "real" documents in full-blown LaTeX, I often switch to reStructuredText as a lightweight markup language for simplish documents (like meeting notes and stuff). I was ...
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From LaTeX to reST

While using reST (restructuredtext) to produce some mathematical documents I could not find documentation regarding multidimensional matrices. How do you create matrices in reST? Is there is a quick, ...
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