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Questions tagged [rmarkdown]

Rmarkdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax. Its a variant of markdown syntax that allow inclusion of chunks of R code through knitr. The documents can be exported with pandoc to LaTeX, PDF (via LaTeX), Word, or HTML formats showing the output of R chunks (and/or de R code) including plots and tables.

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Tikz in RMarkdown

I have a diagram rendered using tikz and would like to include it at multiple places throughout my document. I have tried to define a command to insert this into the tikz environment, however I'm not ...
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How to replace all : with * or x in an ANOVA table?

I am using bookdown::pdf_document2. Some journals require all the interaction terms to be formatted as Term A * Term B or Term A x Term B, not Term A : Term B as default in the R's ANOVA table. ...
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LaTeX citation in R Markdown [duplicate]

With a bib.bib file: @article{mycite, title = {title}, author = {author name}, pages = {45-50}, year = {2020}, url = {} } and an index.rmd file like this: --- title: ...
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