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Questions tagged [sansmathfonts]

Sans serif small caps and math fonts for use with Com­puter Modern.

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want to change the size for \mathsf throughout my document

When I put an \overline, \overrightarrow etc. on an uppercase \mathsf letter the result is too large to fit in an inline equation with the default \baselineskip. This results in uneven line spacing, ...
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sansmath undoes custom mathbb alphabet

I need mathbb symbols for 0 and 1. Currently I'm doing this using the bbold fonts. This works great: \documentclass[10pt]{article} \DeclareMathAlphabet{\mymathbb}{U}{bbold}{m}{n} \usepackage{amsmath} ...
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Parentheses don't display wth libertine/newtxmath and sansmath

I'm trying to make an environment that uses sans-serif math by default inside the environment, but not outside of it. To do this I'm using the sansmath package. The problem is that, when used with \...
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How to make the lowercase font in Math Sans font in pdfTeX, LaTeX

I want to make this font with LaTeX: For example, to show you: that is 𝞋, 𝞭
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Setting latin modern sans as math font with luatex

This is the code I used with pdflatex \DeclareMathVersion{sans} % Math letters from Latin Modern Sans \SetSymbolFont{letters}{sans}{OML}{cmbr}{m}{it} % Math operators \SetSymbolFont{operators}{sans}{...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to use Fira Sans and sfmath for a limited scope

I'm trying to define a document template, in which I have a serif-font for the main text and math, but just for my plots (tikz/pgfplots) I'd like to have a sans font, Fira Sans namely. I can load the ...
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sansmathfonts package warning

In my environment, I get the following warning: The [I] package option is only compatible with the OT1 and U font encodings. I will ignore the [I] package option.. I have no idea what this means or ...
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How to use \mathsf or \symsf in kpfonts

We know that kpfonts has a sans-serif math font, but the \mathsf and \symsf seem to use the CM fonts. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[bold-style=ISO,sans-style=italic]{unicode-math} \usepackage{...
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Unitalicized capital Greek with sansmath

In my PhD thesis, the main text is in Times, and all of my figures (and their captions) are set in Helvetica. I've created the following MWE that shows how I can can toggle between Times and Helvetica ...
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2 answers

\mathsf with different typeface

For fonts in math mode, I am using package stix2 like \usepackage[notext]{stix2} As expected, this changes the default (sans-serif) font for \mathsf. But I would like to use \mathsf with the font ...
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sansmathfonts makes regular text serif when compiling with XeLaTeX

I have the following document: \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{sansmathfonts} \begin{document} \begin{frame}{} Test $ a\sigma $ \end{frame} \end{document} If I compile it with ...
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How to avoid upright-shape subscripts clashing with the slanted-shape variables in helvet?

When using sans-serif math, I have found that upright-shape subscripts can clash with the slanted-shape variables they are attached to, as shown in particular with p_{in}, p_t and Q_{in}: It is ...
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Size of large symbols with sansmathfonts

I'm having some issues with the sansmathfonts large operators. The code \documentclass{article} % \usepackage{amsmath} % \usepackage{sansmathfonts} \begin{document} abc $\displaystyle\int$ \...
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