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Samuel French Format Drama Template?

I am looking for an example of a latex template using one of the playwriting packages, such as dramatist, which allows me to write plays, hopefully in the Samuel French format. Thank you.
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Are there commands for entrances, exits, and exeunts, while employing the dramatist package?

So, I've been working with the dramatist package for typesetting a script of a play for a school project in LaTeX. Does the dramatist package include commands for the entrances, exits, and exeunts for ...
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how to lay out cast of characters using dramatist?

Is there an option for laying out the cast of characters like at the start of a script for a play using the dramatist package? If so, how does one do it? I had written the following code with mention ...
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Paralleltext Hebrew/Latin-indent [duplicate]

I've posted this question before; but no one has reacted, so I try it once more. I'm having trouble with making a parallel version of a bilingual play. Each dramatis personae should have a own indent....
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The TikZ Game Package – A TeX.SX Project

I was wondering if it is possible to write a very simple game in TikZ; e.g. (very simple) Super Mario Bros. Here is Mario: \documentclass[border=5pt,tikz]{standalone} \begin{document} \begin{...
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Extra sections in screenplay

I am using screenplay package. It works fine, but currently lists scenes as 1, 2, 3... etc. Now I need to add some extra scenes in-between. Usually it would be done as scene 0A, 1A, 1B etc. How can I ...
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Numbering a specific occurence on both sides margins

[LaTeX] Hello everyone ! I was wondering how I could obtain a numbering which would look like this : So with the help of @Steven, I've manage to come up to this result : The code I used to do this ...
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Screenplay writing with Lyx - problems with default classes

I love lyx and want to use it for screenplay writing. Two layouts are included and the classes (broadway.cls and hollywood.cls) I have downloaded. I kept them in the same directory as the lyx file and ...
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screenplay-pkg not working with memoir.cls

Trying to use screenplay-pkg.sty with memoir document class. This gives the error-message: ! Undefined control sequence. \@screenspacing ->\onehalfspacing but using document class "book" compiles ...
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screenplay-pkg affects margins

I am having a problem with the screenplay-pkg. Just declaring it affects the size of the margins of left- and right edge & spine margins (about the size of 1 letter). If I comment it out, then ...
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