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Combining ulem and seqsplit results in error

The following code works fine when running pdflatex in version pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.20 (TeX Live 2019/Debian), but fails in version pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.21 (TeX Live 2020/Debian): \...
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force line breaks in long character strings that contain highlighted text (seqsplit does not work here)

I have a long string of characters containing highlighted text by way of a colorbox. Inside it, \seqsplit is ignored. How can I force line breaks within the highlighted text? Please note: \seqsplit ...
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Using seqsplit and truncate together

I have a table in tabularx, and I need to put an url into one of the columns. The best and probably easiest solution for me would be to use: \truncate{200pt}{url} from the truncate package, which ...
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How to add a line break in a tabularx cell with \addlinespace

Im trying to create a simple table using tabularx. I would like to distanciate the lines in the right cell. I've written the code below that seems to work properly (in the sense I've the expected ...
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Using \seqsplit with \input

Given a long line stored in an external file, I would like to \input it and then use \seqsplit to allow it to break as necessary. a.txt: ...
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line break in tabularx environment

I have a complicated table with multicolumns that overflow. I believe I can't use \seqsplit because it's a tabular environment (inside a tabularx). I tried \newline and \hline but it didn't work ...
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how to auto wrap in path string in latex

I am write path in latex like this: /data/docker/nginx/volume/conf/conf/conf.d/cert/ but the string is too long for compile to pdf, compiled result like this: how to handle the path ...
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Seqsplit with detokenize get an error

I want to write some words with underscores inside table cells. It would be better if these words could be written without using \_ to get underscore. Also I want to make these word hyphenate in any ...
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Seqsplit fail in mathmode

I see from the documentation that seqsplit is supposed to work in mathmode. However, I have the following: Since we know $1000! = \seqsplit{4.0238726007709377354370243392300398571937486421......
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Something like seqsplit that prioritizes separators?

I'm trying to show a url with a long parameter list, and I'd like to prioritize some breakpoints over others, eg:\seqsplit{[100,200,300,400,5000,60000,70000,...