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sloppypar adds vertical spacing when next to equations

paragraph 1 \begin{equation*} equation 1 \end{equation*} paragraph 2 paragraph 3 \begin{equation*} equation 2 \end{equation*} paragraph 4 paragraph 5 There's an inline equation in paragraph ...
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1 answer

How to remove hyphenation without breaking into margin nor increasing space between words?

To remove hyphenation, I used \usepackage[none]{hyphenat} Then the text broke into the margin area, so I did \sloppy Now the problem is Latex increased the space between words to fill up the line. ...
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set tolerance within a span command only

URLs (and similar, e.g., long class names or folder names) can be annoying to typeset well. This gets even worse when the document is automatically generated, and you cannot "just" insert manual ...
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Wrap lstinline correctly and globally

This question has apparently come up again and again, but it's been a while with no solution I can find, so I thought I'd ask again. Consider this: \documentclass[fontsize=11pt,pagesize=auto,...
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Best Practice: always use \fussy for Drafts and \sloppy for Finals?

I use \documentclass{scrbook} along with \usepackage{microtype} and \usepackage{hyphenat} [adding new words as necessary] for superior typesetting. During edits, I see overfull boxes in the Draft ...