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{sourcesanspro} is about questions regarding Source® Sans Pro, Adobe's first open source typeface family, designed by Paul D. Hunt. It is a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces.

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Keeping original hyphen-minus character with the sourcesanspro package

The sourcesanspro package, which loads the Source Sans Pro font, changes the hyphen characters. MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[default]{sourcesanspro} \begin{document} Hello-world. \end{...
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How to use extralight, semibold, black, … fonts of the Source Sans Pro typeface?

The Source Sans Pro package provides many variants of the typeface. I’d like to use several of these fonts in the same document with pdflatex. There are package options like semibold, but these make ...
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Page rotation with pstricks and font package

I have a problem with a simple example (text rotating). Here's the code: \documentclass[11pt]{report} \usepackage[default]{sourcesanspro} \usepackage{pst-eucl} \begin{document} \begin{pspicture}(...
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How to fix ligatures with Source Sans Pro font and small caps?

The Source Sans Pro font (provided by sourcesanspro package) does not appear to provide ligatures for fi and fl. The following document shows the problem with small caps (and pdflatex): \documentclass{...
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Use options in Package

For the font Source Sans Pro I want to use the semibold font instead of bold. The documentation indicates I should enable the option "semibold", but I do not know how to enable it. Here is ...
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How do I use light, normal, semibold, and bold font types in one document using sourcesanspro font?

How do I use light, normal, semibold, and bold font types in one document using sourcesanspro font? If I specify the default options, I can get normal and bold, but not light or semibold. If I use the ...
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Setting TOC page number font options

I have a latex document that looks something like this \documentclass{report} \usepackage[activate={true,nocompatibility},final,tracking=true,kerning=true,spacing=true,factor=1100,stretch=10,shrink=...
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SourceSansPro: tabular numbers in a beamer presentation

I'm displaying some data with pgfplotstable in a beamer presentation for my history lesson. The main font is SourceSansPro. I'm using it with \usepackage[semibold]{sourcesanspro} with default lining ...
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How to load Source Sans Pro Context

I really don't see any proper guide on how to load fonts in Context. There are a lot of different functions for fonts, family and typescript without a proper explanations on how to use them or the ...
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Installing a new font for Miktex 2.9 / TexMaker: Source Sans Pro

I have checked the Miktex Package Manager and the package sourcesanspro is already installed. But when I put "\usepackage[default]{sourcesanspro}" into my code, Texmaker says: "Sorry, but miktex-...
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sourcesanspro.sty package \liningnums undefined

In order to use source sans pro font I installed the package sourcesanspro.sty. I got it from and have put it under /home/texlive/texmf-local/tex/...
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Strange Problem with SourceSerifPro [duplicate]

Does anyone understand what is going on here. I have the following LaTeX document: \documentclass[fontsize=8pt,a5paper,twoside,DIV=14,BCOR=10mm,chapterprefix=off]{scrreprt} %\usepackage[utf8]{...
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How to display italics (obliques) with SourceSans Pro?

I'm working in a document with lualatex where I want to use the Adobe Source family: Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro and Source Code Pro. My problem is that Source Serif Pro does not contain ...
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How to use Adobe Source Sans' greek letters?

I know the font has support for the greek language. Are those characters accessible in pdfLateX? MWE \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenx} \usepackage[english,greek]{babel} \usepackage[...
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Replace several letters in math font

I need to typeset a whole document sans serif with sourcesanspro, including formulas. I know that there are a lot of arguments against doing this, but in this particular case it makes sense. My ...
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Losing small caps for serif font when merging mathpazo and sourcesanspro

I use mathpazo font package to write my document. I use small caps for some text. When I add sourcesanspro font package small caps don't work any more for normal serif font. Here it is my MWE: \...
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How can I use Source Sans Pro in Tex-Live 2012?

I use TeX Live 2012 on an updated Ubuntu 12.10 machine with Latexila. I intended using Adobe's open source font Source Sans Pro in my latest paper. I followed the instruction on the LaTeX Font ...
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