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Springer Nature References Overleaf file

I want to make the references of my paper as this here: … What should I do? Because I tried uploading the .bib file ...
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springer svjour3 is not arranging citations by order of appearance

I want to arrange citations by order of appearance on springer svjour3 (template files could be find here I tried to come up with a basic ...
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Springer template

How can I reduce the white space on the right of the page? \RequirePackage{fix-cm} \documentclass[smallextended]{svjour3} % onecolumn (second format) \smartqed % flush right qed marks, e.g. at ...
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"Chemmacros" not work in Springer LaTeX template with error "\state" already defined

In Springer LaTeX template. When add \usepackage{chemmacros} will casue the error ! LaTeX cmd Error: Command '\state' already defined. For immediate help type H . ... l.5552 ...:nnnnnn} {#1} {#2} {#3}...
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Resolving the 'weird number' and gobble issue in springer journal template

So I'm trying trying to write my journal in sn-jnl class. The cls file can be found here. Although my latex file is compiling, but there are issues which I want to figure out: Its throwing errors on ...
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Issue with \documentclass{sn-jnl}

If I try to compile with pdflatex (or just latex) the following simple code (sn-jnl.cls is the documentclass for Springer journals, so I assume it is widely used...) \documentclass{sn-jnl} \...
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How do I change sn-mathphys.bst in the Springnature template to sort alphabetically by author name?

I am using Springer [sn-mathphys]{sn-jnl} to submit a paper to Celestial mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy (CMDA). I noticed that they require references to be in alphabetical order by author's last ...
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Springer journal template issue in XeLatex Compiler Overleaf

While using the following springer journal template in Overleaf : Link , If I select XeLatex as compiler immediately it shows 38 errors and the bibliography disappears. But everything is ok if I use ...
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Table caption is hidden when I use tabularray

I'm using Springer Nature LaTeX template ( I used to generate a simple table: Here ...
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Latex '\cline' command throwing error [duplicate]

I am writing a manuscript for Springer Nature. My Latex code is as follows. \documentclass[sn-mathphys,Numbered]{sn-jnl} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{multirow} \usepackage{amsmath,amssymb,...
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Customize Bibtex entry for Springer

I'm using the sn-mathphys.bst of the Springer Nature Latex Template. I want to append a letter in the citation that is similar to this link. After referring to this answer, the reference section can ...
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Header title in springer template too long

I'm preparing a paper for submission through the Springer template. The template's title code is the following: \title[Article Title]{Article Title} However, the main title is too long to be used as ...
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How to remove space between citations in reference list for articles using apacite package?

There is an extra space after @article reference unlike &inproceedings. I want to eliminate the extra spacing. And there is also an extra spacing when I use DOI link. How can I remove these extra ...
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SN Computer Science Journal 2-column Latex Template

Where can I find the template for the 2-column SN Computer Science Journal. I download the one from: I also changed it to the ...
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Springer template svjour3 and unnumbered theorems

I want to write an unnumbered theorem in a paper. I defined \spnewtheorem*{theorem*}{Theorem}{\bfseries}{\itshape} and expected to obtain Theorem Theorem text Instead, I obtained Theorem Theorem text ...
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Subfigures in Springer's book monograph class give error (but do work)

I'm using Springer's latex files to create a monograph book. The template can be found here:
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How to modify Springer Article template to published version?

I want to modify Springer Article template to a custom similar article template such as custom logo, custom Journal name and etc. But the online available latex template of Springer-related Article is ...
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You can't use `\unskip' in vertical mode

So I have this strange error You can't use `\unskip' in vertical mode in springer latex template. For whatever reason, this is caused by the blank line before the last \end{proof}. Not sure how ...
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Unexpected behaviour of empty line in Springer latex template

I don't understand why in the below code it is necessary to have an empty line between \abstract{...} and the \maketitle command. With an empty line there the below code compiles as expected, without ...
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References-Bibliography not showing up after compiling

This is What my sn-article.tex file looks like(towards the end) \bibliographystyle{plain} \bibliography{sn-bibliography} \end{document} Here is what my sn-bibliography.bib file looks like @article{...
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How to write the following on overleaf? [duplicate]

I am trying to write the following expression in Overleaf However, I am facing issues with the following code. J= \frac{1}{2n}\sum_{i=0}^{n}\left| y_{i}-{y}_{i}\right|^{2} This code works on Lyx (...
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broken references with the new nature class

I am using the new nature class from Springer, that is available on this link. I am having trouble figuring out how the references work, at the moment I always get an error that they are undefined. I ...
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??? appears in references

I am using Springer's latex style and having this problem. I just copied my content from Elsevier's format to here but now I see "???" in some references, like: References [1] Branke, J.: ...
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Springer svjour3 template has too much space between title and author

I am going to send my paper to the springer and select the svjour3 two-column template. But it has too much space between title and author, I want to ask if this is normal, my mentor said that space ...
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Problem with Springer bibliography style (citation style: numbered, sort in alphabetical order)

I am preparing my first paper. The format required by the Journal is that reference citations in the text should be identified by numbers in square brackets and the reference list at the end of the ...
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Springer Nature 2021 class causes error when writing $|x|$

The following simple adaption of the Springer Nature template causes an error. I can't write [x| or |\zeta|, for example, without causing an error. What is the cause of that error and how can it be ...
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Journal Springer nature 2021 latex template and proof environment

I am using the latex template of Springer Nature from here. Even though \usepackage{amsthm} is defined, \begin{proof ... \end{proof} is not recognized and gives this error: Missing $ inserted. \end{...
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Springer Basic Reference Style and natbib options issues

I am quite new to LaTeX but am attempting to use the Springer Nature format available here. The journal I am submitting to requires that I use sn-basic.bst and have the references in square brackets, ...
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