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{steganography} is the practice of concealing a message within another message.

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foldmarks steganography in koma-script

I'm writing an scrletter. I thought it could be fun to use foldmarks to encode a short message in the margin. Has anyone seen a package or hack that does this?
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Steganography in Latex

I am a teacher. An ongoing problem is that students post assignments to websites like to have other people write projects for them. I don't know if the students are providing JPGs or PDFs -...
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2 answers

Computing letter coordinates (Typesetters Steganography)

Is there a way to find out about the coordinates of letters in a formatted piece of text? Suppose the compiled text has three columns, and the letters are equally spaced. Then what I'm looking for is ...
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How to attach AND HIDE a file in a PDF using Latex?

Embedding a file is fairly easy using LaTeX (see, for example: Embed link to an embedded file). Hiding an embedded file is also possible and fairly easy to do outside LaTeX (see, for example: https://...
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How move each line in text

In steganography is an interesting way of conveying information. Each line is either raised by a few points or not raised at all. How will cause it to subsequent lines of text have been raised about ...
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How to add an invisible watermark to PDF documents?

I'd like to add an invisible watermark to each PDF document that I produce so that in case it leaks, I know where it leaked from. Anyone knows what would a good way for an invisible watermark be in a ...
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