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How to access a unicode-math symbol in the preamble? [closed]

A demonstration of the problem by way of a minimal working example I saved the following LaTeX code in the file ~/Test.tex. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{unicode-math} \setmathfont{STIX Two Math}...
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STIX font character not displaying using MikTeX on Windows

The following MWE tries to display two characters from the STIX fonts (U+1D61F and U+2047). Both are listed in One of them ...
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I need one specific character (bold omega). Can't seem to get it to work

I'm using TexShop/Tex Live 2021 on macOS 12.4. I would like to produce a particular character in my output pdf file. This character is called "U+03C9 GREEK SMALL LETTER OMEGA" in Font Book. ...
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Problems using stix2 and bm

I am using the stix2 package with the bm package. Here is my MWE: \documentclass[preview]{standalone} \usepackage{stix2} \usepackage{amsmath,amsthm} \usepackage{bm} \newcommand{\abcABC}{...
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How do I use STIX Two integrals with another math font?

I tried to load this packages: \usepackage{stix} \usepackage[notext, nomath, not1, notextcomp, upint]{stix2} with the hope that pdfLatex on Overleaf (that I use) creates only STIX2's integrals and ...
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How to trim space around italic `f` in unicode-math

I am making (almost) my first attempt with unicode-math and this is my first use of the STIXTwo fonts. I'm unhappy with the spacing around italic f in math mode. (And with the spacing before italic j ...
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How to tell mathpazo to render a correct superscript minus symbol?

I found that the mathpazo which I have used since an eternity renders the superscript minus symbols used by stix2 into asteriks. Here is a minimal example: \documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{scrbook} \...
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What is happening with this array argument and its interaction with the stix package?

Ok so I am working on a tikz diagram and I decided to use a website called mathcha and it exported some code which I modified in order for it to compile and include below. \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{...
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Vertical spacing in text style fractions with Stix 2 fonts

I am using the Stix 2 fonts for some of my documents and am pretty happy with them except for one thing: I feel they place an excessive amount of vertical spacing around fraction lines in text style ...
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boldsymbol in latex book with stix fonts

I'm using pdflatex with book document class, and using the Sitx2 package, but when compiling a line with a math environment containing a \boldymbol command I get the error: LaTex Font Warning: Font ...
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Lua font handler can change some STIX Two Math kerns but not others

The STIX Two Math font leaves large gaps between some pairs of characters, such as 'dp' or 'df'. The Lua otf font handler is able to reduce these gaps for some pairs (e.g., 'ab' or 'ad'), but it ...
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double struck letters. Mine look weird using stix2. clash with amssymb

I want to use stix2 to make this adjustable symbol $\rParen$, , but it changes my $\mathbb{Z}$ from this to this $\mathbb{Z}$ . I tried using the package mathbbol to use $\Rparen$ so that I didn't ...