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LuaLaTeX scrlttr2 letterbody indent Text

I found a section describing the letterbody in the manual but no advice how to position the section horizontal. The problem is that with the workaround to make the Text "Betreff:" or "E-Mail:" go I ...
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4 answers

What configuration do you propose for listings.sty to make the output look comfortable?

The objective of this topic is to make a common place where we can share our settings for listings.sty. So we can use this as a reference. Note that I am only interested in the following settings: ...
30 votes
8 answers

Recommended citation key construction

I am starting a PhD, so reading papers and writing notes about them will be my routine for some months. I like to be organized so I try to add the interesting publications to a bib file. However, when ...
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2 answers

Semantic TeX - where are we heading?

(Update: I learned that this kind of open question is not supposed to be asked here at, so I will refrain from furthering the discussion here and invite contributions instead via ...
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35 votes
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What version control system should I use for my LaTeX documents? [closed]

The answers to this question have convinced me I want to start using some kind of version control system. The question is, which should I use? First this is mainly just for myself, not for ...