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adjusting text around contextual alternate Q with lettrine in XeLaTeX?

I'm trying to see whether there's a way I can use contextual alternate initial Q(u) in lettrine without its tail colliding with other text. Usinga fontspec's \addfontfeature{Style=Alternate} within ...
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Why is kerning not applied when mixing OpenType character variants (swashes) with regular characters?

I am using an OpenType Font (OTF) that provides a number of character variants, for example variants of B, E, H with swirls, tails etc. The variants are accessed through the OpenType features "...
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How do I correctly get swash shape for CronosPro using FontPro?

I discovered that my CronosPro doesn't support \textsw when using MyriadPro's crswash option. My CronosPro*.otf are fine with swash shape even in Pages Yet I can't get the shape in LaTeX, even ...
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ebgaramond remove Q-"swash" in Xetex

I have a problem with EBGaramond. I need Xelatex because of unicode (Ancient Greek etc.) characters, but the swashy "Q" seems a bit much for the publishers. I got rid of it in the main text by ...
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A "swash" font feature differs between XeLaTeX and LuaLeTeX [duplicate]

Compiling this example that uses EB Garamond font \documentclass{article} \RequirePackage{fontspec} \setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{TeX Gyre Pagella} \begin{document} \fontspec{EB Garamond}[Ligatures=...
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Italic, line-ending swashes in Hoefler (XeTeX, Mac OS) "disappeared"?

In an old document of mine, I used Hoefler (with XeTeX and MacTex) to get beautiful swashes at the end (and beginning) of lines of italic text. Here's a screenshot (notice top line, end of the fourth,...
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How to enable contextual swashes for Arabic

I recently read about Contextual Swashes for Arabic fonts from here. They have shown an example of how it would look. I've already read this question and it helped me set up my MWE. Here is a quick ...
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Using swash italics through fontspec

I am trying to use Minion Pro’s swash italics in my files. The typical method, \usepackage{Minion Pro} and \textsw{Text to be Swashed}, fails when using fontspec. I need fontspec to switch between ...
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