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Table notes spanning two pages

I want the table notes to begin on page 1 and being continued on page 2 (just like the table itself that is continued on the next page). If the table notes are too long for the first page, then the ...
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How to typeset talltblr's remark and notes like the last spanned row

I need to typeset table notes and sometime even reference them in a table body. So i tried to use talltblr environment for floating tables. The MWE is: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[a5paper]{...
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Let \tablenotes in threeparttable appear as justified text block

I'm using the para option to typeset table notes as a single justified text block, which often works, but not always. The attached code produces this: There is a break between "b" and "c". It seems ...
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how do I add table note at the end of this long table in each page?

how can I add table note in this long table environment? Ideally, I want the table note at the bottom of each page.Something look like the picture below \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{...
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Long Table in Footnotesize

I am trying to generate a long table in footnote size. However, I can only get table note in footnote size and rest of the table is not in footnotesize. The MWE is given below: \documentclass[...
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How to get table notes appear on pages where they are marked, in tables panning over multiple pages?

My table is panning over multiple pages. I placed a marker for a table note on element at intersection of 2nd column, 30th row (assume marker appearing on the second page) and my table note for that ...
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How to use \floatfoot in a xltabular?

I have a long table, and I used the xltabular package. I use \floatfoot{} for writing notes below each table. However, when I use \floatfoot{} in a xltabular environment, the note is simply ignored. ...
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Threeparttablex \tnote's overlap / overlay with cell content

I'm experimenting with threeparttablex for some long and wide tables. I'm using roman-numbers (NB Based on the comments I updated the MWE to use letters, but the issue persists) for the \tnote marks ...
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Slight misalignment of table notes when using TableNotes in combination with longtable with tiny font size

I have a tiny problem. I have the following longtable often over various pages (the one here is just a MWE) and I am using threeparttablex to add notes. All fine with the tiny size notes placement and ...
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Issues with footnotes using wrapping parbox with longtable, threeparttable and tablenotes

I have an issue with footnote not showing up when I wrap the threeparttable/longtable with a parbox. If I remove the wrapping parbox from the code below, the footnote show up under the table, as I ...
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\parnotes upsetting columns width in tabularx environment

I am trying to user\parnote within the tabularx environment to add table notes, as shown here. I have noticed, however, that the table notes with \parnotes changes the alignment/ width of the columns ...
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Longtable notes

can someone please help me with adding the table notes in the following long table? I want the table notes underneath the bottom line of the table and have all information kept on one page. Notes want ...
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