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{tablet} is for questions dealing with tablet devices and TeX.

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Writing a form-style table

I would like to print the following table in latex: Any hint is wellcome!
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Can I write with the pencil on a tablet and get a document .tex? What tablet you recommend? [duplicate]

I ever saw in a old version of tablet galaxy note that you can create a pdf writing on a tablet, however I do not know if I can obtain an file .tex.
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Reading pdf (LaTeX) on tablet - numbered equations

I often read scientific books on my iPad and I've come through this problem a lot : when I read something like From equation (2.45), we can deduce that... I often need to swipe back the screen a ...
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Current state of LaTeX on iPad?

I most recently got an iPad and since I have a oldish, heavy laptop, I'd much rather only carry around my iPad instead of my laptop (I'm a student). I do need to create and compile TeX files though ...
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TeX Live on Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet computer with ARM architecture

Is there precompiled TeX Live system for ARM architecture based Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet with Windows RT 8.1?
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Are there any Tablet (Android/iOS/Windows) Apps for, and

I had no idea if it was on-topic here, but I would like to draw attention to TeX.SX community and especially mobile App developers. Are there any Mobile/Tablet optimised website/Apps for,tug....
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Galaxy notes to tex files [closed]

anyone knows a program that converts notes from Galaxy note 10.1 to .tex files? I am more concerned about the formulas. I am also looking for a good program to convert MML to tex language.
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Latex software for Android Tablet [duplicate]

I've been trying, in vain, to search the forums for real solutions to using LaTeX on an Android Tablet (Possibly because there is no real solution). My question is basically, how much of the standard ...
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LaTeX for Microsoft Surface

I have my new Microsoft Surface and I was wondering whether it's possible to install pieces of software like MikTeX and TexMaker on this tablet. Does anyone know?
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Full LaTeX on tablet devices

I would like to know if there is a tablet device (iPad, Nexus...etc) on which one can install a full LaTeX environment. By "full", I mean that: One can produce (compile successfully) from any .tex ...
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