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How to draw tangents of a function along its curve [duplicate]

I am trying to show how the tangent is below/above the curve according to the convexity of the curve. but using the tangent equation y = f'(x0)(x-x0)+f(x0) throws the line far from the curve. so I did ...
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Draw a tangent to curve at specified angle using tikz

I would like to draw a tangent line to a curve, and I know there are elegant solutions to do so (eg. How to draw tangent line of an arbitrary point on a path in TikZ). However, these approaches ...
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Draw a normal vector given sloped in node

I used the following code to draw two curves tangent to each other (not exactly, just eyeball it), is there a way to draw the normal vector (inward and outward) at the point $P$ as follows? \...
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How to draw semi cyclinder with tikz

I want to draw below picture. How can we calculate the tangle angle automically. % Thank you in ...
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Draw a tangent line to a curve [duplicate]

I would like draw a curve (without knowing the function) then place a tangent line at a point on the curve. Basically the same as below but with a smooth curve. \documentclass{exam} \usepackage{tikz} \...
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How to draw the tangent to a tikz curve?

I am trying to draw the tangent and the normal to the three points C, D and E. I do not see how to do this on a curve described by a \draw plot... \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} %\...
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Problem with drawing a tangent on a graph with pgfplots

I need to draw a tangent to a graph at x=0, i found here a code it works perfectly with any x excepet for x=0 , i tried to find a solution but i didn't if any one can help i'll be very grateful . ...
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Metafont/Metapost — Find a path tangent through the external point

Assuming that I have the path P given, and let the T be a point outside the path P. Is there an easy way to find the point X on the path P such that the tangent on point X going through the point T? ...
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How can I make an array from points, or path in asymptote

I would like to make a picture to Brianchon's theorem. To make my code more simple, would like to use an array instead of producing point, by point and line by line. Is it possible to take in one ...
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Tangent images to icosahedron face

I would like to plot images in a tangent plane to each face of an icosahedron. Something like in the image. I have tried several approaches like: Tikz : texture cube faces using png image and example ...
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Draw tangent to curve at intersection

I am trying to see if there is any way to simplify the following code: I have several functions, and one line. I would like to draw the tangent of each functions where they intersect the line. ...
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How to make tangents on figure like this?

I am a tikz-beginner and wish to draw this figure: figure Here I tried and tried but can not come further ... Thanks for help! \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \...
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Tikz - Drawing a curve which is tangent to a tangent line of another curve

I would like to draw the left panel (in which I placed the blue curve manually). But in the right panel the curve is different. How can I draw the curve as shown in the left panel (without manually ...
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Drawing an arc tangent to a line

Thanks to a guy in this forum I was able to handle several triangles I had to draw. Now a smaller problem. I did the triangle in the picture, but I just miss the arch tangent to the point. Every time ...
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How to draw a tangent line to a parametrically defined curve in an arbitrary point (plotted with raw gnuplot option)?

How to draw a tangent line to a parametrically defined curve in an arbitrary point (plotted with raw gnuplot option)? The answer given from here well work for monotonically increasing or decreasing ...
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Tangent line to conic

I have an ellipse and I would like to draw a tangent to it in the point A, but I have no idea how. \documentclass{standalone} \RequirePackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{calc,through,arrows,fadings,...
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How can I draw tangents at inflection points automatically?

The function f(x) = \frac{x^4}{12}-\frac{2x^3}{3}+\frac{3 x^2}{2} has two inflection points x = 1 and x=3. I draw the tangents at the above points by hand. \documentclass[tikz,border=3.14mm]{...
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How can I repair incorrect tangents at the points on the curve?

Let be the function f(x) = -(1/162) x^5 + 17/162 x^4 - 43/162*x^3 - 179/162*x^2 + 212/81* x + 134/81 The solutions of the equation f'(x) = 0 are x=-2\lor x=1\lor x=4\lor x=\frac{53}{5} I tried ...
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