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Questions tagged [tcbraster]

{tcbraster} is about the raster library provided by the tcolorbox package.

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2 votes
3 answers

Unwanted space in tcbraster

I've run into undesirable behavior with tcolorbox that I cannot understand, and am hoping someone here can give insight into what's going on. If I compile the following (for me using pdflatex 2023) ...
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1 answer

Equivalent of \linegoal inside a tcolorbox raster?

Is there an equivalent of \linegoal that would work with tcolorbox raster (I can use some luatex trickery if needed)? In the following MnWE, \the\linegoal does not give correct results. \...
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How to customize boxes direction in tcolorbox rasters? [duplicate]

I am using a raster of tcolorbox to make a formula sheet for my exam. The problem is that my native language (Hebrew) is an RTL language. Therefore, I want the boxes to be arranged from right to left. ...
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tcolorboxes in raster not correctly positioned in columns

I want to create a 2-column raster of tcolorboxes but, only the boxes in the first row are aligned properly. I would expect the result to be 3 rows in 2 columns. The reason I use bxTypeA and txTypeB ...
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