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Misleading error about incompatible Biblatex/Biber versions

I'm trying to compile a bare bones LaTeX file containing a citation. Using tectonic. I get: "Error: Found biblatex control file version 3.8, expected version 3.10. This means that your biber (2....
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How to add a custom package in Tectonic

I've written a .sty file, named creator.sty. When I was using TexLive, there is a folder where all .sty files are stored. I'm now changing to Tectonic, and I cannot find such a folder, and I don't ...
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Use tectonic with a latexmkrc file? [closed]

Is there a way to tell tectonic to use a latexmkrc file? I could not find anything in the docs.
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Tectonic under text editors

Tectonic seems to be a great project. I am wondering if I can call Tectonic from a text editor (ideally Texmaker or Texstudio)? If I understand well, Tectonic is a command-line which is quite (not ...
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Tikz externalize not working on Tectonic despite shell-escape enabling

While trying to compile some graphs with PgfPlots I incurred in the out-of-memory error in Tectonic. I therefore looked around for solution and Tikz externalization presented itself as a solution. ...'s user avatar
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Tectonic latex - downloads/packages folder

I made a Dockerfile for Tectonic. It works not as fast as I want: each run it tries to download the same packages again and again. I want to add volumes support to speed up build process. I have to ...
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What use is Tectonic?

I came across tectonic. Is there anything there that latexmk / arara can't do already, other than perhaps pulling down files as needed? What makes this an engine?
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