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TEI is the "Text Encoding Initiative", which is a working group that develops standards for annotation of text, which is important in automated text processing. When people in the TeX community talk about TEI, they usually mean documents represented using XML with a standardised tag set from the TEI P5 guidelines.

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Creating an edition of a poet's Complete Poems: LaTeX to TEI, or TEI to LaTex?

I'm doing some of the typesetting and editing work on a new edition of a poet's Complete Poems. I want to create a TEI edition, as it will enable me to encode all sorts of metadata with the text. ...
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ConTeXt mkIV and XML: how do you define a self-closing tag with no content to pass?

I am using TEI Lite, and trying to typeset with ConTeXt. TEI Lite defines <divGen type='toc' /> to signal the Table of Contents, which in ConTeXt is \completecontents Now I am trying this: \...
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ConTeXt style/environment files for setting TEI?

Is there a repository of styles for typesetting XML, specifically TEI XML markup, using ConTeXt? I've been googling now for a week or so trying to dig up as much information as possible about ...
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How can I efficiently convert TEI documents into LaTeX?

TEI documents have a lot of information that can be used for representation and style. Are there any tools to convert such documents into LaTeX in order to create good pdf/html etc. versions?
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