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{templates} is about templates built on {document-classes} to provide the basis for a particular document type. Questions with this tag should be about the features of the template, not the underlying class.

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LaTeX template for resume/curriculum vitae

If you have a TeX'ed resume, did you use a template or make your own? Are there any useful packages? What looks the most professional? How about special considerations for different areas of work (e.g....
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8 answers

Why should you avoid using (complex) templates?

This question is intended to be something reference-like to point users of complex templates they do not fully understand to. After having read What is a template? it should be clear what a template ...
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17 answers

LaTeX templates for writing a thesis

Aside from CTAN, what are good resources/repositories for Latex templates? In particular, I'm looking for some pretty Thesis templates (I'm familiar with classicthesis)
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1 answer

Beamer template with different style options for frames

I am working on a beamer template which tries to mimick an existing .ppt-template from my institute. My problem now is, that the beamer template should be able to have frames with different styles for ...'s user avatar
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2 answers

How can I contribute to CTAN?

I have created a template and some macros that I would like to share. How can I contribute them to CTAN?
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Using a new document class/template with LyX?

I tried googling this elsewhere but I'm new to LaTeX and extremely confused about certain things. Basically I downloaded MikteX and I'm using the latest version of Lyx with it. Now all I basically ...
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Painless Memoir Class Book Template

I would like to find a memoir class book template that has the basic features of a book already configured (with dummy type, dummy figures, etc.) that compiles properly, so I can just start writing ...
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Magazine template?

Does anybody know where I can find this kind of template for magazine: Or something similar? (not exactly the same, but similar design?) I have checked many websites, but haven't found anything.
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How to use Latex to print a document to look like a lined notebook?

I would like to print a document with text on lined paper like a notebook like However, I would like to be able ...
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Subcaption package: compatibility issue

There is a compatibility problem between the CIFA document class and the subcaption package. When I compile the following example (with PDFLaTex): \documentclass{cifa} \usepackage{subcaption} \begin{...
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LaTeX template for typesetting a novel [closed]

I'd like to use LaTeX to typeset a novel. Could you recommend me any template? What I mean is a template (some .tex file) where I can include my chapterN.tex files (mainly plain text) and get a ...
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Springer Nature LaTeX Template and Tikz Issue

The springer latex template is not working with Tikz. Link: Output error: l.16 \input pgfmathfunctions.code.tex ! ...
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3 answers

What's a good typewriter template?

I'm searching for a template which makes a document look like it's written with a real typewriter. Ideally, this means it's not only in mono-spaced font, but the hyphenation is adjusted accordingly. ...
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Nice looking invoices

Do you know of any nice looking invoice LaTeX template/class. I would like to create a web invoice engine (maybe on top of the scribtex engine) that compiles for me an invoice using the LaTeX engine (...
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Cornell Notes - A lyx or latex solution needed

I teach academic writing to computing students and one of the tasks they have to carry out is to compile a set of research notes which can then be developed into an essay. I find that the Cornell ...
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Working with templates

I have just read the wonderful article LaTeX templates and realized that I have tried to practice this approach but there is one technical aspect which I don't know how to tackle. I am talking about ...
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LaTeX template for a technical reference manual / user guide?

I'm looking to use LaTeX for my technical documentation needs (such as reference manuals, user guides, etc). Could I use your template to quickly get started in order to avoid being overwhelming by ...
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Is there a good document template for making business cards?

Is there a good document template for making business cards?
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How to write a LaTeX class file for my thesis

I want to design a new LaTeX for my college thesis, so that all students could use it. I have decent understanding of how LaTeX works. I am looking for some nice article explaining how to write a ...
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LaTeX Beamer: Define \itemsep globally

In LaTeX Beamer, I'm trying to set \itemsep globally. I've already tried the following, but it doesn't work: \documentclass[14pt]{beamer} \setbeamertemplate{itemize/enumerate body begin}{\setlength{...
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Create a book cover with spine, rear page and flaps

I have just finished my thesis, and I want to ask if there is a way to create a front-title page with spine (I don't know if this is the right term for the area between front page and rear page)? I ...
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Building TeX file from knitr Rnw as child of larger parent TeX file to use R objects and output

Here's my general problem: I'm writing my dissertation using a LaTeX template ( The template is a parent file with multiple chapters as ...
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How to create Page-a-Day Calendar Template

Recently I got a page a day for math Puzzles. I was wondering if there is a LaTeX Template out there. I am trying to learn new Language and for that I thought to create page a day calender. Any help ...
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Problem with \thesistitle in Masters/Doctoral Thesis template

I have downloaded the fantastic template for doctoral thesis available in I have used it before I had already adapted the contents for ...
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8 answers

Where to find custom beamer themes

I don't like default beamer themes very much. Where could I find some custom beamer themes?
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7 answers

What is a template?

Regarding LaTeX I understand terms such as class, package, and so on but I don't understand the meaning of template as used by many questioners. Is it what is traditionally called a package or class ...
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2 answers

how to create a template or document class for latex?

I need to write a document class or template, as for an article, letter, etc. Is there software for this? How do I set it up so that anyone can use my class just like \documentclass{article}?
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2 answers

Template for a book for children

I intend to (write and) typeset in LaTeX one or more books for my almost-4 child. They would be books telling a fairy tale (or the labours of Hercules, say) with one sentence and a large illustration ...
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Authors with multiple affiliations

The problem Using this template I want to have an author in the list of authors with multiple affiliations. Like in this mockup ("Othercoauthor" has multiple affiliations): The code This is some ...
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Survey or questionnaire document class or package?

I like to create surveys and questionnaires, what would be a good \documentclass or package to use?
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Creation of a new poster template

Elena Botoeva has written a package with 5 templates for posters, called fancytikzposter, consisting of a unique TikZ picture. Her class had some success (see here) I am looking for a way to improve ...
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Business letter template with letterhead on the side

Is there a template for a letter that allows for the letterhead to have some of its elements on the side (in the left/right margin) in a vertical column or sidebar including a business logo? Somewhat ...
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2 answers

Trouble inserting picture in CV template

I'm making a resume based on a latex template (link: ) and I'd like to insert a figure. There is some free space in the template ...
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Preparing cheat sheets

Are there any templates, document classes for preparing cheat sheets? If not, what would make it easy to produce such documents?
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Can LaTeX be used to make a sheet of blank lines?

Specifically, a bunch of them; for a sign-in sheet, list of signatures for a petition or a worksheet with short answer essay style questions.
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5 answers

Questionnaire template? [duplicate]

Is there a template available that allows me to create questionnaires like this one? ...
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Background notebook template with spiral

I would like to print a document with math text to look like the picture below: However, I would like to be able to edit : color of background the position of spiral grid on/off i tired this one ...
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3 answers

Implementing line-based corporate design in LaTeX

I would like to implement a line-based corporate design in LaTeX. This question is kind of a follow-up question to my earlier question How to write a report template to match corporate design. I have ...
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3 answers

Is there a class for typesetting novels? [duplicate]

Is there a class for typesetting novels? I know it's trivial to you, but I really need one.
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Two column float with [t] using the cas-dc template

I am using the cas-dc template for Elsevier. When trying to use \begin{figure*}[t], except I get the error 'The module 'cas/fig' does not have a key called 'cas/fig/t'. Other templates I use work fine....
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3 votes
2 answers

Template for Standard Operating Procedures?

There are several queries and answers for technical reference manuals, user guides etc. and I've found enough places on the net that have these templates along with detailed descriptions of their ...
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3 answers

Generating a template

My professor gave me a template which I compiled but it gave me lots of errors. The code is: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{rotating,graphics,psfrag,epsfig} \usepackage{graphicx} \...
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Add week day to calendar

Is there a way to create a week count in this calendar? I am interested in including text to consider the number of the week, would this be possible using the used for loop?. I tried creating a new ...
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5 answers

document class for a restaurant menu

I'd like to typeset a restaurant menu. What would be a good document class or package to use? I'm hoping for an answer similar to this thread: Survey or questionnaire document class or package?
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26 votes
3 answers

Class file for Homework/Assignments

I was wondering if there is a good general purpose homework class file/template out there. I want to use it for classes. Generally, math-centered courses. I would like if there was syntax highlighting ...
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Where can I find a `datasheet' document class or a tutorial on how to create one?

I'd like to be able to make a datasheet for a module that I'm building. By datasheet, I mean a document containing: A title page, with the primary features, applications, and an application block ...
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How can I use align environment in conjuction with iopart.cls class?

I would like to use align environment over eqnarray for typesetting my equations. However the publisher forces to use the iopart.cls as the article class file which, as they mentioned, is incompatible ...
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Change only ONE character in Latex template

I have a book template of Elsevier for which in the math environment the character "v" looks very similar to greek \nu. This causes a lot of misunderstanding and frustration for the readers. I have ...
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Multiple authors in a Journal style (llncs) Document

How to display multiple authors in a journal style e.g. \documentclass{llncs} document? The solution suggested in What's the correct use of \author when multiple authors? does not work for me, as ...
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Uneven text distribution with two-column layout

I am comfortable with creating basic LaTeX documents and making minor modifications to templates I can find online, but not much more. The Oxford Bioinformatics journal has an awesome template here ...
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