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For questions about words/terms that are specific to TeX.

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Usage of acronym package for non-trivial derived words

How should I use acronym package when I have pluralizations and derived words, for example \acro{FPGA}{Field-Programmable Gate Array} \acro{MIPS}{Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline ...
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What exactly is a non-standard package?

According to Nature's submission guidelines: To submit a TeX/LaTeX file, please use any of the standard class files such as article.cls, revtex.cls or amsart.cls. All textual material should be ...
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Formal term for LaTeX shorthand

It is possible in LaTeX to write expressions like \frac12, which should be equivalent to expressions like \frac{1}{2}. Is there a formal term for the first form of notation?
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LaTeX Theory - How Symbols are Modeled Under the Hood

This question is about how LaTeX models symbols under the hood. I would like to get an understanding of the language/terminology involved in constructing a complex text expression such as this: \...
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What do we call the vertical space between a list item label and the item text?

Following the diagram here: \topsep, \itemsep, \partopsep and \parsep - what does each of them mean (and what about the bottom)? is there a name for the vertical rather than horizontal space between ...
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What are definitions of Display Formula and Numbered Formula?

Can you help me, please! What are definitions of Display Formula and Numbered Formula ?
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